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Workshop Space Comparison

The Individual Tool Workshop

The left side of this diagram shows how the collective storage footprint required to house just 14 of the common tools in Bob Vila's Stage IV Workshop will promptly boot one of your family cars right out of the garage! Plus, you'll have loads of time-consuming tool shuffling to do before you can start enjoying your shop time.

The Compact Shopsmith Workshop

The right side of this diagram shows how the Shopsmith Multipurpose Tool shop (including every tool you see in the left side of the diagram, plus more) stows neatly away on the floor and on a shop-made, wall-mounted shelf... occupying just 2" x 12" of floor space along the front of the garage. Plenty of room to work without excess tool shuffling -- and ample space for both family cars !

No other power tool on the market today can match the American-made Shopsmith's space-saving convenience and awesome versatility. None.

"I purchased my Mark V years ago... because I didn't have the space for all the machinery I need to do the kinds of woodworking I do. It lives in a corner of my garage until I need it... then rolls out to where the car normally resides when it's time to go to work. If I didn't have my Mark V, I wouldn't be able to do any woodworking in my limited space. It's the only solution for me... and I wouldn't give it up for any amount of money!"

Jim T. - Venice, FL

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