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Shopsmith Power Coupler and Coupling Kit

You Asked — We Listened! Introducing the NEW! Complete Power Coupler Kit with Everything You Need to Get Started!

Shopsmith Complete Coupler Kit

NEW! Shopsmith Complete Power Coupler Kit

Now get everything you need to get started using your Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools in one convenient package! You'll receive our durable plastic coupler, two 4-splined metal hubs that attach to the upper & lower drive-side spindles on your MARK 7 or Mark V headstock, PLUS both 5/8" & 1/2" 5-splined accessory hubs to conect all your special purpose tools.

505631 NEW! Shopsmith Complete Power Coupler Kit ...   $44.99

Making the Connection Between Your Special Purpose Tools and Your Shopsmith MARK 7, Mark V or Power Station

Shopsmith Classic Power Coupler Kit

Shopsmith Power Coupler

The Shopsmith Power Coupler is made of a virtually unbreakable plastic compound. Each end mates with splined metal Hubs that attach to your MARK 7 or Mark V and special purpose tools.

Classic Coupler kits are also available and include the coupler and 2 metal hubs- one for lower and one for upper MARK 7 / Mark V spindles.

Additional machine drive hubs can also be purchased individually for each Shopsmith special purpose tool.

Note: The coupler kit is required to connect Special Purpose Tools (SPT's) to your Shopsmith MARK 7 or Mark V. (It has come standard with all MARK 7 / Mark V's manufactured since April 1985)

503574 Shopsmith Power Coupler (Coupler Only) ...   $21.49

Coupler Kit With Both Upper and Lower Headstock-Side Drive Hubs

Order a classic coupling kit. The classic power coupling kit includes the coupler and 2 metal hubs (one each for the upper and lower spindles of your MARK 7 / Mark V headstock).

Note: Special Purpose Tool (Bandsaw, Jointer, etc.) accessory hubs are not included. Order the appropriate accessory hubs you need in the Special Purpose Tool Accessory Hubs section below.

555124 Shopsmith Classic Power Coupling Kit
(Includes coupler and both headstock-side metal drive hubs) ...   $31.99

Buy a pair of couplers. By buying two, you'll have a spare handy and save!

556135 (2) Shopsmith Power Couplers (Couplers Only) ...   $34.96

Accessory and Drive Hubs

Special Purpose Tool Accessory Hubs

503572 1/2" SPT Accessory Hub
(for Jointer, Jigsaw or Scroll Saw) ...   $6.99

503740 5/8" SPT Accessory Hub
(for Bandsaw, Belt Sander, Planer or Strip Sander) ...   $6.99

Extra Headstock Drive Hubs

503570 Upper Drive Hub Assembly ...   $6.99

503738 Lower Drive Hub Assembly ...   $6.99

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