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Shopsmith Owner's Manuals

Got a Shopsmith Tool, But No Owner's Manual For It?

This Could Easily Be the Best Investment You'll Make In Your Shopsmith Tools

Here's your chance to get the owner's manuals you need to use and maintain your Shopsmith Tools for optimal performance. If you've lost your Shopsmith Tool Manuals or have inherited or purchased some used Shopsmith Tools but your acquisition didn't include owner's manuals, here's your chance to get the manuals you need. They will assist you to properly align, operate and maintain Your Machines. These Manuals will be especially helpful if you're new to woodworking to quickly get Your projects on the road to success.

Shopsmith Comprehensive Owners Manual

Alignment - The alignment procedures for some tools can be complicated, especially without instructions. And a tool that's not properly aligned, certainly won't perform properly.

Maintenance - See what parts need periodic cleaning and what to lubricate, how often and what lubricant to use to prevent damage to Your Tool.

Changing/Replacing Components - You will know the proper procedures for changing knives, blades and belts?

This is all important information you will need to know for improved performance and a longer life for your Shopsmith Tools. You can take that to the bank!

Note: All manuals listed here include a parts list & exploded view drawing

522812 MARK 7 Owner's Manual ...   $35.99

857500 Shopsmith MARK 520S Owner's Manual ...   $35.99

857400 Shopsmith MARK 4 [Shorty] Owners Manual ...   $35.99

845435 Mark V Model 500 Owner's Manual ...   $29.99

877082 Shopsmith Model 10-ER ...   $11.99

Get The Full Set! - Owner's Manual, Power Tool Woodworking Textbook, and Self-Study Course

Get the Full Set

877083 Mark VII (older) Packet ...   $11.99

877084 Mark 2 Packet ...   $11.99

556074 Bandsaw (current - aluminum table) ...   $11.99

556075 Belt Sander ...   $11.99

846000 DC-6000 Dust Collector ...   $11.99

556455 DC3300 Dust Collector ...   $11.99

845092 DC3300 to DC-6000 Dust Collector Upgrade Kit ...   $11.99

877086 Jigsaw (older - not scroll saw) ...   $11.99

556076 Jointer ...   $11.99

845264 Jointmatic ...   $11.99

556077 Mark V Mount Planer ...   $11.99

556079 Pro Planer ...   $11.99

556452 Power Station ...   $11.99

877085 Sawsmith Radial Arm Saw ...   $11.99

556080 Sawsmith Table Saw (all models) ...   $11.99

556081 Scroll Saw (teal color) ...   $11.99

556082 Strip Sander ...   $11.99

845243 Router System ...   $11.99

Other Items You May Need

Mark V Video Encyclopedia

Mark V Essentials DVDs

This 2 DVD set contains the essential information for using your Mark V.


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