Mark V Double Tilt Base Upgrade

Turn Your Mark V into an Under-Table Router, Shaper and Drum Sander just like the new Shopsmith Mark 7 New Upgrade For Your Shopsmith Mark V

Upgrade Your Shopsmith Mark V To the Tilt-Both-Ways Convenience Of the New Shopsmith Mark 7 !

Double Tilt Base Upgrade Turns Your Mark V Into an Under-Table Router, Shaper and Drum Sander Just Like the New Shopsmith Mark 7 !

It's the Perfect Upgrade For Shopsmith Owners Who Prefer the Under-Table Approach

Tilt Both Ways For Both Over-Table and Under-Table Operation

Many woodworkers prefer the more conventional, under-table approach to routing and shaping. There are a couple of great reasons for this. One reason is that with under-table operation, the workpiece is positioned between your hands and the bit or cutter, providing superior protection and safety.

Another important reason comes into play when you're cutting or shaping an interior cut-out area of a workpiece. With the over-table method, if you need to remove the workpiece for an occasional inspection (or other reason) during operation, you'll have to retract your bit or cutter to do so. As a result, you'll then also have to re-set your depth-of-cut each time you return to your task. With an under-table set-up, these retraction and re-setting operations won't be necessary.

Upgrading is a Quick, Simple Process

All that's required is the replacement of your Mark V base and arm assembly and headrest assembly with the new base & arm assemblies and the two vertical worktable support tubes. The entire process takes about an hour and requires only a few simple tools that every woodworker probably has in their shop.

Under Table Routing Under Table Shaping

Here's What's Included With Your Upgrade Kit:

Owners Manual for Double-Tilt Upgrade (PDF)
Under-Table Routing and Shaping with the Double-Tilt System (PDF)

Note: For Mark V models 505, 510 and 520 only -- The Mark V Model 500 does not have interchangeable table support tubes.

Note: Older Mark V Model 500 machines (produced before 1972) that have been upgraded to the Model 510 or 520 table system will require two new 1-3/4" diameter bench tubes (504163). The old 1-7/8" diameter bench tubes will not fit in the new base castings.

556210 Mark V Double Tilt Base Upgrade ...    $529.00

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