Shopsmith Premium Bandsaw Blades

Premium Bandsaw Blades Feature Less Heat Build-Up For Longer Blade Life

Shopsmith blades are made from premium-quality silicon carbon steel with precision milled teeth for added sharpness and consistency of cut. These premium blades are induction heat-treated to ensure an even hardness, and feature a special tooth set and rake angle to provide more aggressive cutting with less pressure. This reduces heat build-up, prolonging blade life substantially.

Lifetime Guarantee On Weld Integrity* - If a Shopsmith blade breaks at the weld, we'll replace it... Free!

1/8" Combination Bandsaw Blade

1/8" Combination Blade - 14 TPI Raker Tooth - .025" thick: For fine detail work and smooth cuts in wood, plywood, plastics and soft, non-ferrous metals. Cool Blocks are required. 1/4" minimum radius.

521984 1/8" Combination Blade ...    $32.84

3/16" Combination Bandsaw Blade

3/16" Combination - 10 TPI Raker Tooth - .025" thick: For general craft cuts in wood, plywood, plastics and soft, non-ferrous metals. 3/8" minimum radius.

521985 3/16" Combination Blade ...    $32.84

1/4" Combination Bandsaw Blade

1/4" Combination Blade - 10 TPI Raker Tooth - .025" thick: General purpose blade for wood, plywood, plastics and soft, non-ferrous metals. 1/2" minimum radius.

521986 1/4" Combination Blade ...    $32.84

1/2" Woodcutting Bandsaw Blade

1/2" Woodcutting Blade - 4 TPI Hooked Tooth - .025" thick: Heavy duty blade for resawing and cutting of wood or plywood up to 6" thick. 2" minimum radius.

521987 1/2" Woodcutting Blade ...    $32.84

*Warranty applies only to original customer on verified purchases made through Shopsmith agents or the website.

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