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Shopsmith Premium Caster Upgrade

Wish You Could Roll Your Shopsmith Effortlessly From Location To Location With One Finger?

Our 3" Diameter Premium Caster Wheels Will Make That Wish Come True!

Big 3" Diameter by 1-1/4" Wide Casters with Polyurethane Tires, Rugged 3/8" Steel Axels and Sealed Ball Bearings

Prepare To Be Amazed!

Roll Effortlessly from Location to Location
  • Glide Over Basement & Garage Floor Concrete Expansion Joints with Ease
  • No More Getting Stopped Abruptly By Small Wood Scraps and Sawdust
  • Cut Your Rolling Effort by up to 60%

These big 3" diameter by 1-1/4" wide casters feature tough, polyolefin wheels and rugged 3/8" steel axles that roll super-smoothly on sealed ball bearings.

Smooth Ride

Their soft, non-marring polyurethane tires deliver the perfect combination of shock absorption for a smooth, quiet "ride"... and resistance to developing flat spots. The tires are both chemically and mechanically bonded to the wheels so they won't come off --- plus, they're certified to be resistant to the oils and chemicals found in the home shop.

Rugged Performance

Rated at 200# per Caster, they rotate on beefy 7/16" diameter grip-ring stems and double ball bearing 360° swivels with hardened raceways and metal covers that shield the bearings from dust and debris. They swivel instantly, changing direction with practically zero resistance!

Easy Installation

Installing them on your existing Shopsmith Retractable Caster Brackets is a "breeze". Just re-drill some new bracket mounting holes in the legs of your Shopsmith (we provide a paper guide template for positioning)... pull the old casters out... pop the new casters in... bolt the brackets into the new position... and you're done in about half an hour ! That's all there is to it.

The Proof Is In These Test Results

Up To 60% Less Effort

We tested these casters against our original Mark V Casters and discovered some remarkable results. Here's what we did:

We set-up a new MARK 7 as a table saw / jointer combination, weighing in at a hefty 284 lbs... then ran a series of tests with the original 2" and the new 3" casters on a smooth, swept tiled floor.

We used a 40# capacity spring scale for our tests... attached to the table carriage at the center of mass on the operator side of the machine... then pulled the machine sideways to take our measurements.

First, we set each set of casters so the wheels were 90-degrees to our pull direction. Then, we rotated the wheels so they were set parallel with our pull direction.

The results (showing the amount of pull force required) are shown below.

3" Casters With Double Ball-Bearing 360° Swivels Require Less Effort than Original 2" Casters

Pounds of Force Required To Move Machine

Wheels Set at 90°
To Pull Direction
Wheels Set Parallel
To Pull Direction
To Begin
Once Machine
Is Moving
To Begin
Once Machine
Is Moving
2" Casters
40+ # 7.5 # 24 # 7.5 #
3" Casters
20 # 5 # 10 # 5 #

Includes: Set of 4 - 3" premium replacement casters for use in your existing retractable caster brackets • metal drilling template & drill bit • complete installation instructions.

Note: For use in existing retractable caster brackets for MARK 7 and Mark V only. SPT Stands, Planer Stands, and other machines do not accommodate a higher caster bracket position.

Owners Manual for Premium Caster Upgrade (PDF)

556224 3" Diameter Premium Caster Wheels (Set of 4) ...   $77.24

522877 Single 3" Diameter Premium Caster Wheel (1 Wheel) ...   $18.95

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Replacement Caster Wheels (Standard)

Replace Worn-Out Caster Wheels

Use these to replace worn-out, original wheels on your Shopsmith Retractable Caster Assembly.

522225 Set of (4) Replacement Caster Wheels ...    $16.99

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