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Black Friday Special

From Black Friday (12:01 am Friday November 28th) through Cyber Monday (11:59 pm Monday December 1st), enjoy free shipping on every item you order. Order a PowerPro® upgrade for your Mark V and save $178.33. Order a new Shopsmith Mark 7 and save $190.00 to $500.00 (depending on your location).

Order any item you like -- as many as you like. There are no restrictions.

This Offer Ends Monday December 1st at 11:59pm EST

Shopsmith-Edition Incra I-Box

Now you can make precise, tight-fitting box joints -- without the time-consuming trial-and-error dado blade shimming that's been driving you nuts for years. The Incra I-Box has a unique, micro-adjustable, dual-pitch positioning engine that lets you set ping width and spacing in unison, with a single adjustment.

Start enjoying precise, tight-fitting box joints, order your revolutionary Incra I-Box now!

Get Your Shopsmith-Edition Incra I-Box Today!

Shopsmith PowerPro
The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Mark V

The Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock Upgrade is clearly your most exciting upgrade opportunity since the introduction of the Mark V in 1953. Here's what this revolutionary upgrade will bring to your workshop: More Horsepower and Torque • Broader Speed Range • Dual Direction Operation • Digital Controls • Greater Energy Efficiency • Smooth Quiet Operation and more.

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