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Shopsmith Stock Pushers and Quill Twister

These new table saw push guides provide improved workpiece control while preventing dangerous workpiece lift-ups and kickbacks.

The new Shopsmith Quill Twister is the quick, effortless way to rotate and align the flat on your Shopsmith machine quill.

Handy Accessories From Shopsmith To Improve Work Piece Control and Increase Convenience -- Order Yours Today!

Shopsmith Edition Incra Miter Express

The Incra Miter Express makes easy work of crosscutting or mitering small or large workpieces. It gives you a generous-sized platform to carry your stock safely and precisely through the cut.

Start enjoying this added safety and precision today. Plus... by ordering now you'll save $32.55!

This Offer Ends Sunday March 1st at 11:59pm EST

Shopsmith PowerPro
The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Mark V

The Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock Upgrade is clearly your most exciting upgrade opportunity since the introduction of the Mark V in 1953. Here's what this revolutionary upgrade will bring to your workshop: More Horsepower and Torque • Broader Speed Range • Dual Direction Operation • Digital Controls • Greater Energy Efficiency • Smooth Quiet Operation and more.

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