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Shop Organization and Dust Covers

Save now on these shop organization accessories. They'll help you keep your tools organized so you can work more efficiently. Save also on Shopsmith custom-tailored dust covers to protect your Shopsmith equipment from condensation and dust.

Save up to 20% now as you organize and protect the items in your workshop.

This Offer Ends Tuesday July 29th at 11:59pm EDT

Shopsmith Saw Blades and Arbors

Shopsmith saw blades give you fast, smooth cuts in all types of materials -- and save you money, too!. These carbide-tipped blades deliver a narrower 3/32" kerf. As a result, they cut quickly and efficiently and require less horsepower than many competitive blades.

Get the Shopsmith carbide-tipped thin-kerf sawing package to have the right saw blade for your project -- and save $61.49.

This Offer Ends Sunday July 27th at 11:59pm EDT

Shopsmith PowerPro
The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Mark V

The Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock Upgrade is clearly your most exciting upgrade opportunity since the introduction of the Mark V in 1953. Here's what this revolutionary upgrade will bring to your workshop: More Horsepower and Torque • Broader Speed Range • Dual Direction Operation • Digital Controls • Greater Energy Efficiency • Smooth Quiet Operation and more.

Order on the Web or Toll-Free by Phone, if you prefer -- 1-800-543-7586

Call before 4:30 PM Eastern Time.

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