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True-Trac Track Saw System

The True-Trac Saw System is superior to other track saws in many ways and not to be confused with bothersome guide-AGAINST track saws. It makes quick work of breaking down sheet goods for easier handling on your Mark 7 or Mark V. Plus... travels easily in a car trunk when you need table saw capabilities on-site.

Order the True-Trac Combo Kit now and save $50.00. Perfect for breaking down cumbersome sheet goods.

This Offer Ends Tuesday February 3rd at 11:59pm EST

Shopsmith Velcro Disc Sanding Sale

Shopsmith's Velcro disc sanding system lets you change sandpaper discs from grit-to-grit in seconds. You'll also enjoy cooler, cushioned sanding with less heat build-up and smoother surfaces.

Order the Shopsmith Velcro Disc Sanding Package Now and Save $14.75 off regular individual prices.

This Offer Ends Sunday February 1st at 11:59pm EST

Shopsmith PowerPro
The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Mark V

The Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock Upgrade is clearly your most exciting upgrade opportunity since the introduction of the Mark V in 1953. Here's what this revolutionary upgrade will bring to your workshop: More Horsepower and Torque • Broader Speed Range • Dual Direction Operation • Digital Controls • Greater Energy Efficiency • Smooth Quiet Operation and more.

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Call before 4:30 PM Eastern Time.