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One more Power Pro ownership thread.

#255560 by robinson46176 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:50 am

I put this in a new thread since the poll thread is specifically for those who own one and I don't so I didn't want to hijack that thread.
I don't own one. I have no intentions of owning one (though I did at one time). I just wanted to list my reasons why without disrupting the other threads currently active.
My list has nothing to do with the Power Pro, or Shopsmith or even the cat sleeping on the footrest of my recliner. :)
No particular order here, just rambling.
One reason is that I just don't see that it would be a major gain in my shop, especially considering how I happen to work and how I am equipped. It "is" pretty pricey and for that much money I would want to see a little magic that would make great big improvements in what I make. :rolleyes: :o
The biggest reason I don't believe it is worth the cost to me personally is simply who I am as a person. If woodworking was my only hobby a Power Pro might well still be on my plan to buy list. As it is though I have more hobbies, interests and needs than a sane person should be allowed to have. :rolleyes: Woodworking isn't even my main hobby... It falls at about #4. I guess my old tractors are my #1 hobby or maybe my genealogy research. Kind of a coin flip there I guess. More hours spent on genealogy, more good friends and visiting with the old tractors.
Right up there with those is the horses. We really love the horses. We keep 6 of our own and the count in the pasture boarding lots varies up and down but usually between 8 to 12 client horses. I do usually point out that we are not "horsemen". We don't ride. I'm 76 (until April) and Diana is 73. I'm heavy, no longer bounce well and have a dicky ticker (replumbed in 2013) that sometimes doesn't keep perfect time. Diana already has a steel plate and 9 screws in her right wrist, no point risking more shattering of bone. :eek:
Next I guess is my woodshop and sawmill and related stuff as well as the farm/mechanics shop. The farm shop is more about necessary work and saving money than actual fun hobby stuff. I have other lessor hobbies too, mostly collections, a bit of forestry, some light gardening, history...

That is the list of why I don't have and won't have a Power Pro. Oh, did I mention thin wallet syndrome too? :)
Like I said, it's not the Power Pro nor Shopsmith, it's just me.



Francis Robinson
I did not equip with Shopsmiths in spite of the setups but because of them.
1 1988 - Mark V 510 (bought new), 4 Poly vee 1 1/8th HP Mark V's, Mark VII, 1 Mark V Mini, 1 Frankensmith, 1 10-ER, 1 Mark V Push-me-Pull-me Drillpress, SS bandsaw, belt sander, jointer, jigsaw, shaper attach, mortising attach, TS-3650 Rigid tablesaw, RAS, 6" long bed jointer, Foley/Belsaw Planer/molder/ripsaw, 1" sander, oscillating spindle/belt sander, Scroll saw, Woodmizer sawmill

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Re: One more Power Pro ownership thread.

#255653 by terrydowning » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:59 pm

Same here no plans for acquiring a Power Pro

3 main reasons (also nothing to do with SS or the Power Pro)

1. Switching to using predominantly hand tools in most of my woodworking (quieter, safer, less fine dust, better exercise, and overall more enjoyable for me personally)

2. If my existing 1955 SS breaks, I can fix it with readily available parts and tools I already own.

3. poor value proposition for me. I just can't justify the expenditure in my own head let alone to the finance manager (SWMBO). Thin wallet syndrome seems to be catching.

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Re: One more Power Pro ownership thread.

#255687 by nuhobby » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:32 pm

Hi Terry,
I have a basement shop and I do a lot more hand tool work than I used to. Now, my wife's home office is right above me, so quietness in the tools is a bonus. If I run the PowerPro for turning pens, she never even hears it... and it's a thin floor! Money... now you have a point there :)


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