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Re: Festool RO 90 FEQ

#273021 by JPG » Fri Aug 07, 2020 2:51 pm

OK so he is a spammer(low grade).


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Re: Festool RO 90 FEQ

#273028 by algale » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:07 am

BuckeyeDennis wrote:
dusty wrote:I'm confused. How can a post in a thread named for a Festool tool be considered SPAM because it contains a link to tools (including Festool)?

It's better than most spam, for sure. But I'm always suspicious when new members post links right away. Especially when the post contains poor grammar of the "Chinglish" variety.

The linked site is one of those "product review" sites that exist only to try to get people to click their Amazon-associate links. If you do click on one of those links and then purchase the item, the "associate" (e.g. the site owner) gets a commission from Amazon equal to 3% (for tools) of the selling price. If you're curious, Amazon publishes their "Associates Program Fee Schedule" (i.e. commissions) here: ... 8U84RAYDXZ

I frequently encounter such sites when searching for legitimate product information and reviews, and I've never found any useful product information on them. If you poke around on the site in question, and hover over the links therein, you'll see that their goal is to get you to click on their Amazon affiliate links. To find a suitable forum on which to post their spam links, all they have to do is Google the products that they list on their site.

So it's relatively harmless, but still spam IMHO.

I had suspected this guy was a spammer but wasn't really aware of the affiliate program.

It explains a lot of sites I see when I search for product reviews and find multiple garbage sites with titles like the "Ten Best [Product] of 2020". The "reviews" read like a 3rd grader trying to fill out a paragraph long book report. "This [product] is a really good [product]. It looks really good and the [product] has all the features you want in a [product]. Check Amazon for latest pricing on [product]."


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Re: Festool RO 90 FEQ

#274586 by RFGuy » Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:34 am

RFGuy wrote:Looks like the edge sander attachment is now for sale in the US market. Compatible with ETS 125 REQ and ETSC 125.

Peter Millard just posted an interesting video where he made a similar jig to hold his Festool ETS 125 EQ sander similar to the new edge sanding guide attachment that only works for the ETS 125 REQ and ETSC 125. He is offering free templates for anyone that is interested. The jig is fairly simple and straightforward and should be able to be easily modified to fit any handheld sander for anyone that wants to adapt it to other sander brands. Also keep in mind some portable sanders have a softer sanding pad and if this is the case you would want to swap for a hard surface foam backing pad on your sander to use it for edge sanding. Otherwise you might accidentally round over the board edge you are attempting to sand.

Free template:


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