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Re: Woodworking Customer Humor

#266478 by jsburger » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:04 pm

robinson46176 wrote:Semi related... I just noticed a couple of days ago that the Indianapolis Channel 13 WTHR (NBC) had a notice that Firefox had just been found to have a bad hole (my term, I forget what they called it) that made it very vulnerable to hackers. They said that Firefox had an update available to eliminate the risk and that you should use what ever method you normally use to update it. My Windows 10 laptop automatically does updates when I turn it on (which I sometimes find annoying as hell when I'm in a hurry to look something up quickly) but I have my Linux laptop set to update when I decide to so I checked and a new Firefox update was listed and I ran it.
Only slightly related to anything... :) An engineer friend was recently talking of trying a newish, secure, private browser called "Brave". I now have it on my android phone (from Google Play Store) and so far I like it. Seems much faster.
I also have it on my Windows 10 laptop but I don't use that one a lot. I can't put it on my Linux laptop because it is a little old and only 32 bit. So far Brave is only available for Linux for 64 bit units. It is also available for Mac.
For those that like to explore and tinker a bit, Google can tell you a lot about it. :)


I have automatic updates turned on in FF. The latest version is 72.0.1. The "Whats New" link says there was a critical security update that was installed on 8 Jan. I guess that is the one you are talking about.

As far as another "new" secure browser, I think I will stick with the tried and true FF browser. Their built in tracking protection along with the Malwarebytes add on that blocks malware, ads and trackers, PUPs and scams seems to work fine.

That along with ESETNOD Internet Security and Malwarebytes running real time protection works for me.


John & Mary Burger
Eagle's Lair Woodshop
Hooper, UT

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Re: Woodworking Customer Humor

#266508 by JPG » Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:37 pm

That 'link' did not make it on the shopsmith skin. So those of us who use the shopsmith skin do not have a clue what all this fuss is about.
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Re: Woodworking Customer Humor

#266523 by Mjrinor » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:00 pm


I'll try to provide a quick general synopsis.

RF Guy posts a link to a video that is meant to provide us with a few laughs. There's a professional woodworker who sells his work who put this video out- it's meant to be a skit of some of the conversations he's had with customers. The content makes fun of the following: people comparing your work to something they've seen in a store (that makes cheap quality furniture), being shocked at how much the quote is for a project, people pointing to a piece and asking if it's amish, bringing in piece that's been veneered with a plastic wood design and asking what grain it is, surface of a piece not being exactly level anymore (as a result of the wood moving/shifting), asking for a piece to be built and finished in 1 day, ect. RF Guy said he had no affiliation to this guy, he just found it funny and thought he'd share it with the rest of us thinking that most of us have probably had some similar conversations, even if we weren't selling our work.

Dusty is first to respond. Essentially, he says he's irritated with the ads in this post, and that he keeps seeing these ads in other posts as well.

Confusion ensues. RF Guy doesn't know what Dusty is referring to- he did not include an advertisement in his post- and he's not sure if Dusty is referring to the video link itself as an ad. Eventually, Dusty provides a screenshot of what he's seeing on his screen-basically a few words in the written description (not the video link) have been hyperlinked and those words are linked to ads for woodworking. RF Guy did not create any of those hyperlinks.

At this point, other members jump in and tell Dusty that he might have some kind of computer virus, or malware as none of the rest of us are seeing what he's seeing. Then, I long conversation about malware and computer virus prevention is kicked off- which represents the majority of the responses in this post.

Another member and I each responded separately saying we thought the video was funny. I thanked RF Guy for posting it, and spoke to one of the things spoofed in the video that I had encountered.

And that is the end of the synopsis.

I've posted about my own experience with someone pointing out that something I made looked, "just like" something they'd seen in IKEA - and if you're a woodworker, you know there are a lot of differences between your piece and some junk made with MDF and plastic "wood" veneers. Maybe some of you can relate to the spoofed content- have you ever had these conversations like these? Consider sharing your experience if you've had a good laugh as a result of a person not understanding woodworking and what it entails- I'm sure we could all use a little more humor in our lives!

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Re: Woodworking Customer Humor

#266540 by beeg » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:19 am

JPG wrote:That 'link' did not make it on the shopsmith skin. So those of us who use the shopsmith skin do not have a clue what all this fuss is about.

Well I use the shopsmith skin, and watched RFGuy's linked video. I'm not sure what Dusty was seeing.


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Re: Woodworking Customer Humor

#266542 by dusty » Wed Jan 15, 2020 3:46 am

My frustration was never with the video. In fact, I have not watched the video. Mt frustration was/is with the pop ups that keep occurring whenever I pass the cursor over or near what appears to be hyperlinks in the member posted text. Some of the pop ups are wood working related (one for woodworking plans) but most are not.

Since no one else sees these "hyperlinks" this is good for the forum. I will deal with this on my own.


"Making Sawdust Safely"
Sent from my Dell XPS using Firefox.

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