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H.F. Feather Board # 36697

#259159 by RAnst4038 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:41 pm

For full disclosure: I had to bring in a petting chicken after my trip to Harbor Freight & Home Depot through a tornado outbreak and the Nightly News tonight.

H.F. Feather Board # 36697

If you just can’t wait for that antique priced OEM ShopSmith Feather Board to arrive. Or only have $6 & a 20% coupon. You might want to drop in to Harbor Freight & pick one up.

1st take the clamps over to the belt sander & melt them down to the standard 3/8” slot size.
This should, if you were as fortunate a child as I was, bring back fond memories of making your own custom panels on your Vac-U-Form. To use with your city of Girder-N-Panel sets with Monorail service to the Airport.


Then if you want to feed from the Right of your blade snap that confusing mess out of the middle.
Unless you use your table saw in the vertical position. Then it may be some use if you want to feed from the Left. But it IS NOT swappable to the other side.
Next remove the O-rings from the screws & toss them. Assemble the thing & fit into a slot.
Now you have 4 usable inches on a 10er. When it stops raining long enough to pull it out & cut something I will update.


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Re: H.F. Feather Board # 36697

#259160 by RAnst4038 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:18 pm

It took me all night to post this review because just as I was almost done.
This steaming pile fragged my computer for the last time.


It destroyed the Word file that I had already saved. And I had to roll back to yesterdays restore point. Even after the keyboard was in a hundred pieces the dongle continued to frag till I pulled it out. I tested it once with the dongle plugged in & the keyboard turned off. It took a day but finally the putter went nutz till I pulled the dongle out. Were being microwaved with all kinds of digital radiation. Recently I had to scrap a big Hannspree flat screen because it would not stop sending Morse Code out the speakers. Even when the set was turned off. As long as it was plugged in Morse code came out of it. :confused:

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Re: H.F. Feather Board # 36697

#259164 by BuckeyeDennis » Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:59 am

Gotta love the setup in this pic from Harbor Freight. Can’t get any safer or more accurate than that! :rolleyes:

D2E697BE-25DE-437A-982A-872DFEC552C8.jpeg (1.08 MiB) Viewed 3514 times

I do remember the melting-plastic smell from my own childhood Vac-U-Form. Do you still have yours, or just your vacuum-formed nameplate, or just the pic of it?

And why can’t you flip the featherboard over and use it in the left-hand miter slot?

(I’m not even going to ask about the petting chicken ... :) )

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Re: H.F. Feather Board # 36697

#259179 by RAnst4038 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 5:08 pm

Like the picture shows, it's only made to work from the left. If you flip it over to work from the right it's wobbling on that ring around the numbers.And you would have to grind it down till the numbers were gone to get it to sit flat. I tried to take it apart thinking you could re-assemble it on the other side. But you can't, it's made to only go together one way. I couldn't find it at HF so I asked the woman that has worked there for years to help. She told me she had never seen it & doesn't remember ever selling one. And the fact that Lowes only has one & Home Depot none shows that I'm not the only one who has never thought about having one.
I have that one Vac-U-Form panel with my name on it. But I made lots, also Thing Maker bugs to decorate my Girder-N-Panel city.
Chickens are cleaner than a cat but are happy to talk to you.

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Re: H.F. Feather Board # 36697

#259182 by ChrisNeilan » Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:49 pm

Girder and panel sets, omg... flash back to chewing red plastic girders! Yuummmm! Ok, I will ask. Petting chicken? Without pictures, it did not happen!


Chris Neilan

Shopsmith Mark 7, Shopsmith Mark V 1982, shortened, Shopsmith 10 ER; Craftsman table saw (1964); Powermatic 3520B lathe

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