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These remain great gifts

#28681 by nuhobby » Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:36 pm


I've made a total of 3 of these for gifts to "handymen" I know. Here are my comments:

- The heavier the wood, the nicer the screwdriver! These have a balance that feels luxurious.
- For nice dense woods with beautiful grain, I like a basic bulbous handle. For plainer or lighter woods, I like fluting features in the wood.
- I've done 2 Penn State kits and one similar Rockler kit. The Penn State has more detailed assembly drawings and spec's. The Penn State also provides for the likelihood that you'll have a hole all the way through the wood -- they provide a brass top-cap to cover such a hole. The Rockler kit doesn't have a top-cap so you have to be pretty careful when setting your boring depth stops.

Happy Woodworking!



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#28685 by hoagie » Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:02 pm

I put together two of the Rockler kits for gifts this year. They were very well received. I used Black Palm for the handles which I found a bit messy to deal with, but it yielded a superior, very hard, dense handle. Too bad I didn't take any photos before the DW wrapped them up. I could post them here. :rolleyes:


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