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Re: The wisdom of the masses

#256953 by jsburger » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:32 pm

wa2crk wrote:Some perforated plumbing strap loped over the tube and fastened down on the two by four should restrain the tube if it decides to hop out. The strap should not be tight just looped over the 2 by.
Bill V

Looking at the picture of the tube support castors, I would say to spread the casters further appart so the tube sits down lower. That way there is much less of a chance of the tube jumping out. I would be a little worried also the way you have the castors now.

See haow far apart my castors are. Granted it was dictated by the size of the mounting brackets but I would not want them any closer together than they are. I have done a number of tubes with no problems. I also always make sure I apply downward pressure on the tube.


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John & Mary Burger
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Hooper, UT

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Re: The wisdom of the masses

#256970 by PhilSC » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:22 pm

I using Rustoleum Self Etching Priner to start, and then I’m going to have a paint store match the Shopsmith gray and finish with that.
I wound up with three like this: I bought the first one and needed some bits and pieces for it, and then I followed up on a CL ad that I thought was for a jointer, band saw and jigsaw, but it turned out to be for TWO jointers, a jigsaw attachment, a bandsaw on a homemade stand with power, plus TWO Mark V’s with one and a half headstocks between them! Everybody gets lucky once in a while.
Someone posted the label from a Sherwin Williams quart of custom matched paint on this forum. Might be useful to have, but I’m still going to get a color match done.

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