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Sawsmith 2000 - Created replacement Bevel Locking Hub

#274733 by ChadmWall » Mon Sep 21, 2020 5:13 pm

Greetings, Sawsmith 2000 owners.
I do 3D CAD design for a living. I also own a Shopsmith MarkV and a Sawsmith 2000. Occasionally, I have a need for a replacement part that is not readily available and so I've been reverse engineering some items and in some cases changing the design as necessary to meet or improve upon the function of the part(s).

This weekend, I had a request from another Sawsmith 2000 owner for a replacement Bevel Locking Hub as his was broken. I turns out that long ago, mine broke as well and at that time, I JB welded it together and added a small hose clamp to help keep it working.

Now, I've re-designed an ABS plastic 3D printed replacement version that works very well. Let me know if you need one. My time/materials/3D printing costs make it necessary to charge for it, but drop me a line and if you need it I can send you the info and costs.

I've attached some images of both my old one and the replacement locking hub.

Check out my other posts on other parts I've re-created in 3D print for the Sawsmith 2000 and see if there are any others you might need.

Best Regards,

Chad M. Wall


sawsmith bevel lock 2 sm.jpg
re-designed bevel locking hub - ABS plastic
sawsmith bevel lock 2 sm.jpg (392 KiB) Viewed 245 times
sawsmith bevel lock all black vs with white lettering sm.jpg
Bevel Locking Hub - comparison to original part
sawsmith bevel lock all black vs with white lettering sm.jpg (305.95 KiB) Viewed 245 times

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