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Well it got to be time for me to play with the new router the other day. It's pretty nice and I think it was a good addition to my shop. Still getting use to finding the switch inside and behind but I had to go that way to mount it in my small enclosure.

The hose seems to work fine, just hooked up for dust collection in the router, some managed to get in the cabinet some how. I didn't hook up the fence vacuum port so I have any idea of how things work without that. Next time I will hook up both and see how that works.

Love router projects so I hope to do more soon.



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Found something which works.

I found from the US supplier that the opening takes a standard left hand threaded vacuum hose. Thought there is no standard hose. :rolleyes:

I decided to do some searching so this afternoon I went to a local vacuum cleaner sales and repair and found this

hose.JPG (369.38 KiB) Viewed 1417 times

It works really well when fitting into the router opening though Screws in easily enough but appears to have a great seal. I didn't take a decent picture. You can see that if fits all the way in the opening but stops before entering the bit area upper right of the picture.
2rtr.JPG (296.2 KiB) Viewed 1417 times

What I bought was one foot (to test) from what the vendor had as "cut to length".

I did a search and found this picture which closely resembles the piece I have.

FQR-4010-2.jpg (39.6 KiB) Viewed 1417 times

It is a "Filter Queen" reinforced hose"

I paid $2.25 for one foot so tomorrow I will go back and buy a 6' length which should be about right for my under table needs.

I still don't have a fitting for the other end, but that should be MUCH easier.

My "assistant" in making the 3d print has taken off on vacation for a while and I am lost without his help so I will abandon that direction for the near future and stick with this hose.

Hope this helps.

Be well,

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