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The all-new Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock is clearly the most exciting and dynamic MARK V Upgrade to come along in the 50+ year history of Shopsmith's existence... and that's why it's important to us that your upgrade process be as easy for you as you'd like for it to be.

To that end, we offer you a choice of four different upgrade methods to match the level of involvement that you'd like to have in the process... as well as your budgetary requirements. We invite you to select the option that best meets your needs, as outlined below:

New Ready-To-Run PowerPro Headstock - Order a brand-new PowerPro Headstock. Just slide your old headstock off the Mark V way tubes and slide the new one on.

Refurbished PowerPro Headstock - Order a refurbished ready-to-go headstock with all internal components upgraded to PowerPro specs. Just slide your old headstock off the Mark V way tubes and slide the new one on.

Have Us Upgrade Your Headstock To PowerPro status - Send us your headstock and we'll upgrade it to PowerPro specs, replacing all internal components as required. Just slide your upgraded headstock into position on the way tubes and go to work.

Do-It-Yourself PowerPro Upgrade - We will send you a new PowerPro motor, all electronic circuitry, Digital Control Panel, new Upper Drive Sleeve Assembly, new two-bearing Quill, new Poly-V belts and new Power Cord for self-installation in your current headstock. You will also receive a step-by-step printed Upgrade Manual and all necessary drilling templates, a drill guide and bits for precise machining of the mounting holes. You should be able to complete the upgrade in about four hours.

Watch the Video Above for a 3-Minute Explanation
of the Four PowerPro Upgrade Options

Not convinced that the Do-It-Yourself Upgrade Option is for you?  Click here:
Do It Yourself Upgrade Information
to view a 3-minute video overview of what's involved.

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