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Do It Yourself Upgrade

Wondering if you should tackle a Do-It-Yourself Shopsmith PowerPro Upgrade? We've created a brief, three-minute video that will show you what's Involved...

We've received a lot of questions about what's involved in the do-it-yourself process of converting a MARK V from the time-honored 1-1/8 horsepower AC motor with a mechanical speed control mechanism to our latest, state-of-the-art PowerPro Model with a more powerful DVR Motor and electronic Speed Control.

Click on the link below to see a quick video presentation of the 16 basic steps involved in the changeover process.

A more detailed, step-by-step changeover manual
will be included with your Upgrade Kit.

It's well within the capabilities of most woodworkers... who should be able to complete the process in about four hours.

If you view the video and decide that the do-it-yourself option is not for you, remember that there are always three other ways for you to take advantage of this revolutionary upgrade. From simply ordering a new PowerPro Headstock... to ordering a ready-to-go refurbished model... to sending us your Headstock and having us perform the upgrade for you.

It's your choice

Go From This

Mark V Headstock

To This

Power Pro Headstock

In About 4 Hours

Upgrade Options

Watch the 3-Minute self-upgrade video above

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