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You and your Shopsmith Multipurpose Tool can Perform All of these
Important Woodworking Operations in a Compact Basement or Garage Shop

There's virtually no limit to the basic and specialized woodworking operations you'll be able to perform in even the tightest of spaces -- when you have the compact Shopsmith Mark 7 or Mark V as your woodworking partner.

Remember, Bob Vila's website says you'll need 24" x 32" of space to store and work in a shop equipped with all the capabilities your new Shopsmith shop packs into just 12 sq. ft. of storage space. Plus, Shopsmith leaves you plenty of room for your shop and both cars.

You'll find more than more than 400 available Shopsmith accessories within the 23 categories listed below. Add them as you need them and store them within that same 12 square feet of floor space... plus a couple of out-of-the-way wall-mounted shelves and a pegboard panel.

Basic Mark 7

In just 12 sq. ft. you can have all the capabilities of the most important stationary woodworking tools listed... close at hand and ready to go to work for you in your garage or basement shop... whenever you need them.

12 sq. ft. of floor space

Add Six Optional Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools -- In the Same 12 sq. ft.

In that same 12 sq.ft of floor storage space you'll have every single one of the shop capabilities listed above at your disposal... plus six special purpose tools. All six of the special purpose tools can be stored conveniently away on a couple of wall-mounted shelves

Additional Available Optional Accessories

When you're ready and as your skills improve, choose from over 400 compact, easy-to-store accessories to help you perform the tasks you need, when you need them. You'll find accessories for:

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Mark 7 / Mark V

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