Planning Your Workshop
Be sure the space you have...will accommodate the tools you need

Most home woodworkers don’t have lots of space for their workshops. They usually hide in a
dark corner of the garage or basement…and come to life when needed.

So, how much room is enough? For stationary tools, be sure you have ample space to store the
machines you’ll need…plus plenty of elbow-room for working around each tool.

The Basic, 5 Tool
Shopsmith MARK V
workshop needs only
12 square feet of
storage space !

On his website, Bob Vila’s ideal, Stage IV Workshop containing a full array of stationary tools will need up to 24’ x 32’ (768 sq. ft.)of space for storage and working.
   His shops are all equipped with individual tools, each with its own stand and motor…and each having a permanent spot on the shop floor.

Great stuff – if you have loads of available space !

If you don't have 768 square feet of space to spare, please...
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can solve your workshop space problems............................