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Best Dressed Tool Rest

It's easy to evaluate the fact that a properly prepared tool rest plays an important role in obtaining a smooth, clean cut as you make the final pass on a turning.

If you're unable to glide your chisel smoothly across the length of the tool rest without experiencing resistance, the tool rest needs attention. Run your finger along the top surface. If this test reveals any roughness or nicks, smooth the working surface like this:

  1. Using a mill file held lengthwise, file all nicks and rough spots. Maintain the original profile of the tool rest or create a new curved profile.
  2. Wrap 400-grit silicon carbide paper around a 4" log block of wood and hone the metal.
  3. Follow up with 600 grit paper to obtain a polished surface, then apply a coat of furniture paste wax.
  4. Finally, run the chisel across the tool rest and see what a difference it makes to have a smooth work surface.

In order to keep you lathe chisels from "dragging" across the tool rest and producing nicks, file the sharp corners off the top 25% of the end of the body of the chisel.

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