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MARK V - Remounting the Headstock

CAUTION: Do not remove the cardboard tubes that were shipped inside your Headstock. They were placed inside the Headstock to keep your Wedge Lock Assembly in place during shipment and enable you to place your Headstock back onto the Way Tubes.

Read and follow all instructions for replacing your Headstock.

Note: Refer to the Parts List in the Owners Manual for Parts Explosions and Descriptions.


1. Select board 1" x 4" x 16".

2. Move the Table and Carriage Assembly to the right at approximately 8" from the end of the MARK V and lock the Carriage.

3. Place board across the Bench Tubes and lower the Table until the Tie Bar Tubes touch the board.

4. Unlatch the Headrest Lock.

5. Using your Table Height Handle, raise the Bench Tubes vertically, see Figure 1, until the Headstock will clear the Headrest. (Approximately 12").

6. Lock the Table Height Handle to secure the Table Tubes in vertical position. Loosen the two Set Screws that hold the Way Tube Tie Bar to the Way Tubes. Slide the Way Tube Tie Bar off the Way Tubes and set aside.

7. With the cardboard tubes still in the Headstock, begin sliding the Headstock onto the Way Tubes. As you slide the Headstock onto the Way Tubes the cardboard tubes will push out the opposite side of the Heastock. Once the Headstock is completely mounted, you can discard the cardboard tubes.

8. Lock the Headstock down onto the Way Tubes.

9. Replace the Way Tube Tie Bar, and secure on the Way Tubes by tightening the two Set Screws. Loosen the Table Height Handle and lower the Way Tubes back to the horizontal position.

10. Continue to raise the Table to remove the board from the Bench Tubes.

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