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Oiling the MARK V

Shavings April/May 76 (Revised 7/99)

Hello Woodworkers!

For those of you who have Mark V's manufactured before 1955, serial #312507 and smaller, do not follow the oiling instructions in the new Owner's Manual. Pre 1955 models do not have an access hole behind the nameplate. If you try to remove it as stated in the new Owner's Manual, you'll probably break it. To oil the intermediate shaft, remove the belt cover and oil it from the side with a piece of wire dipped in oil. Procedures of oiling the motor are the same from all Mark V's.

Due to the many letters we have received, I would like to supplement the oiling instructions in the Mark V Owner's Manual. The Owner's Manual says when oiling the motor shaft, pry off the plug button located on the belt cover. This is to expose the oil hole located on the motor sheave. Using this procedure, it's very difficult at times to locate the oiling hole without having X-ray vision.

If you have the problem, the procedure to oil the motor shaft is as follows:

  1. Before oiling, turn off and unplug your machine.
  2. Rotate the speed dial up to "Rout-Shape" range.
  3. Remove both screws located on either side of the belt cover and take off the belt cover. With the belt cover off, the entire motor shaft assembly is visible.
  4. Locate the oiling hole - it's located at the base of the moveable sheave, underneath the spring. A screw driver can be used to pry apart the spring coils two of 3 coils from the sheave. With the coils separated, the oil hole will be clearly visible.
  5. Dip a wire or slender stick in a good light weight oil and allow three or four drops to drip into the exposed hole.
  6. Replace the belt cover and mount your 12" Sanding Disk to the main spindle.
  7. Rotate the Disc by hand as you Gently turn the Speed dial down to the "Slow" position.
  8. Plug in your unit, turn on and run the machine through its entire speed range a few times.
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