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MARK V - Tightening the Headstock Lock

Hands On July/Aug 80

Here's a refresher for owners of Shopsmith’s on the proper way to tighten the locks for the carriage and the headstock:

Both the carriage and the headstock slide on two way tubes. These tubes can be damaged if you over tighten these locks. After positioning the headstock and the carriage where you want them, spin the lock handles as tight as it will go, spinning freely. Then tighten the handle a maximum of 1/2 turn. Some machines may need slightly less tightening than this, but no machine should need more.

You will find that this 1/2 turn will be quite sufficient to hold the headstock and the carriage in place, even in the drill press position. And it will be easier to un-tighten the locks to move these parts when you need to.

If your lock handles will not spin freely, take a few minutes to clean the sawdust off the threaded rods. Don’t lubricate the rods or wedge locks, or the oil will combine with the sawdust to form a gummy paste.

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