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A Speed Dial Lock

Shavings July/Aug 79 (Revised 11/98)

During the summer months, when your shop is open, children may venture in to see all that interesting equipment. Not only is this dangerous to them, but it can also mean you might be faced with a repair bill.

Your trouble starts when the kids turn the machines on or turn the Mark V speed control handle. To prevent little hands from turning ON the machine, always remove the key and put in a safe place. On older models, use a safety padlock that slips through the holes in the guard wings.

As for the speed dial, you can keep this from being turned by making a simple lock out of flat steel. A 25/32" hole in the lock fits on the quill feed shaft under the quill lock handle. A 1/2" hole fits over the knob on the speed control handle.

To install, remove the quill feed lever and the quill lock. Then, with your machine running, turn the speed dial until the knob is at the top of the machine. Slip the speed dial lock over both the quill shaft and the knob. Put all the other hardware back on, and your machine’s completely safe!

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