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Name: T.D.M
Location: Oregon
Submitted on: 2016-12-24
Rating: 3 out of 5
I was given a 1954 ShopSmith (A "greenie")as a gift and if I'm to be honest I wish the person just hadn't bothered. It's a fine machine and it's probably just the unit I have but it's really not all that good. Again it's a fine product but as someone who is used to "dedicated" machines, it's performs relativity poorly in comparison. Mainly I'm talking about the lathe function. As an experienced wood turner who had to give it up due to not having a lathe in my own shop, getting a ShopSmith was incredibly exiting. However I soon came to discover some problems with it though. With my specific ShopSmith I am unable to turn anything smaller than the the size of the rest stop (Roughly eight inches)as well as that the way the SmopSmith is designed means that what would normally be a tailstock on a real lathe is replaced by a stationary "arch" so to say that then holds my live center. This is fine until you need to drill a hole in the end of your piece. What would normally be a simple job for a "Jacobs Chuck" on a tailstock either cannot be done or must be done by hand. I am unaware if SmopSmith offers a way to mount a chuck on their "arch", if they did it would be most helpful. The tool rest has it's own problems. Due to the ShopSmith's construction a standard lathe tool rest would not work and as of such they have their own version. The problem I have with their version is that it requires wrenches (Both Allen and combination/adjustable.). This means that it's a bit finicky when trying to adjust and it cannot be done very quickly as you have use an Allen wrench to adjust the top while using another wrench to adjust the bottom. I have had also had the thread strip on the bottom of the stop thus preventing me using it effectively. I will admit that it does save space in my shop,but simultaneously sacrifice's effectiveness. It's a fine product honestly but for me it just unperformed in every category. I love the idea of t
Name: Patrick
Location: Iowa City Iowa
Submitted on: 2015-02-27
Rating: 5 out of 5
Brought it at a estate sale for 200$. One of the first year models. ShopSmith was very helpful with the information and parts needed to get it running again. 65 years old and still cuts with professional results. Keep up the good work on a truly American original. P.
Name: Larry Kegerise
Location: Oley, Pa. 19547
Submitted on: 2013-10-19
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have a 1954 unit I purchased used about 8 years ago. I rebuilt the head stock at that time because it needed new bearings and the drive belt. I use it constantly for the drill press and I do some wood turning. I have the band saw and jointer attachments along with the 10n sanding wheel The only accessory I don't use is the table saw because it is to small and dangerous without any guards. I really like the unit.

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