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556210 - Double Tilt Upgrade


Upgrade your Shopsmith Mark V to the tilt-both-ways convenience of the new Shopsmith Mark 7 with the Double Tilt Base Upgrade

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Name: Drew
Location: Milford Ohio
Submitted on: 2016-02-15
Rating: 5 out of 5
Followed the directions. Read ahead each section. Did not have any problems installing it. Did some routing from overhead and under table. It did wonderful. The thing I like best is the depth control. If you need an 1/8" just loosen the quill lock. Set the depth gauge or just move the depth gauge an 1/8th. Easy accurate control. I would buy it all again.
Name: gregb
Location: Delaware
Submitted on: 2015-02-26
Rating: 5 out of 5
Installation was straight forward, and described well in the instruction manual. Have tried shaping, and found it much easier to work with the motor under the table. Plan on doing many more projects that would be more difficult with the over table option.
Name: Yergie
Location: Texas
Submitted on: 2014-12-05
Rating: 1 out of 5
Poor Quality Control!!! I like having the double tilt table, but the set screw holes were damaged during manufacturing. I emailed shop smith and got no response, I guess I will have to try and fix it on my dime. With as much money I spent, I would have liked at least a response.
Name: Tim
Location: Sammamish, WA
Submitted on: 2014-08-05
Rating: 5 out of 5
Did the install by myself on 8/2/2014. I was happy I made the jigs for headstock and tube support as it helped when I had it upside down (Yes, I flipped the Shopsmith over myself). I also kept the accessory shelf attached to the legs and had no trouble putting the legs back on with the shelf still attached. The installation directions were printed in color and were easy to read as well as follow along. Very detailed. The old base (the tilting end) took a little hammering to get off so make sure you really loosen the set screws as the directions say. Mine were inside the base as it was the older kind. I had a little trouble getting one bench tube to snug up against one of the stop ribs but once I flipped the Shopsmith over, I was able to adjust everything. The Carriage and Headstock actually slide left and right better than they did prior to upgrade and centering the way tubes was easy. Getting one of the old table posts out (once the pin was removed) was probably the hardest part of the whole upgrade. It took a bunch of twisting with a wrench to come out - clamping it to my worktable helped with this as I twisted the post. Putting in the new posts in the table was also very easy to do - just wear ear protection if you have it as the hammering could be rather piercing to your ear drums. Regarding the whole process, it was not as hard of an upgrade as I initially thought it might be. I'll be adding the Lift Assist to my Shopsmith next.
Name: Stephen A. Draper
Location: Bellevue, Nebraska
Submitted on: 2013-06-18
Rating: 5 out of 5
I was able to successfully install the double tilt upgrade on my model 500 Mark V including replacing the tie bar posts. You can read the details on the Shopsmith Forum under Double Tilt Upgrade on a Mark V model 500. Now I can do under table shaping and routing on my machine. The instructions were easy to follow.
Name: Bobc4383
Location: Perry GA
Submitted on: 2013-05-28
Rating: 5 out of 5
Very easy to install - read the instructions a few times (have a 520), and after completing the upgrade, the only thing that is missing are the two holes in the left leg (where the hex wrenches go). I'll have to add holes to the shelf so they are easily accessible. Otherwise, it was worth the upgrade, and the instructions are excellent. Bob
Name: E-GAD
Location: Delaware, OH
Submitted on: 2012-05-27
Rating: 5 out of 5
Continued - After installing and aligning the legs, drill the legs through the old pin holes and tap the legs for a 6-32 X 1/2" oval head screw. Carefully countersink the trunion casting for the screw. Install the screws. Follow the instructions for installing the tilt bases and you're all set. Keep in mind, fence will mount on the back side when the table is reversed for under table headstock use. Questions - email
Name: E-GAD
Location: Delaware, OH
Submitted on: 2012-05-27
Rating: 5 out of 5
I purchased this to upgrade a MK V made in the 80's. Prior to purchase a asked the tech staff at Shopsmith why it wouldn't work on a MK V. I was told that it was not possible to remove the trunion legs on this model. If your trunion has small 1/8" pins to hold in the legs, you can drill these out, then apply a slight amount of heat with a propane torch to expand the casting and remove the legs. Install and align the new legs. Drill and tap the new legs for a (cont.
Name: Js
Location: Cincinnati Ohio
Submitted on: 2011-12-08
Rating: 5 out of 5
Clear instructions, straightforward procedure, easily accomplished. Works as advertised: you really can move the Mark V (even with the heavier headstock upgrade!) with 1 finger! Very much worth the upgrade!
Name: Mark
Location: Northeast Iowa
Submitted on: 2011-09-23
Rating: 4 out of 5
I installed this kit on a 520 Pro this summer. The install was relatively easy. Instead of rolling the unit over on the floor, I hade two low wooded sawhorses that were the ideal height to roll it onto and I did not have to stoop over. I did not have have help that day and it saved on my wore-out back. The unit works good as an under-table router. I think I need to get the fences for the shaper attachment. I struggled when I put in a door panel shaping bit. I rigged fence extensions to get by at

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