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556187 - Mark 7 PowerPro

Mark 7 PowerPro

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Name: Gerry
Submitted on: 2019-06-25
Rating: 5 out of 5
Got my new machine on Tuesday. Got it all unpacked and set up by Friday. Sawed a few boards on the table saw and band saw along with a few holes with The dress press. All is good, only problem I have is why did I wait so long before I Purchased one??.. Did a first project today. Used the sanding disk to sand on a counter top to matchup With a non-straight basement wall, wow made the job so easy. Thanks for all your advice and help, will enjoy this machine for the many future projects I have on this new house I am building.
Name: Michael
Submitted on: 2018-05-18
Rating: 5 out of 5
Name: David
Location: Bismarck
Submitted on: 2017-11-21
Rating: 5 out of 5
I purchased my Mark V in 1983. I used it in the process of remodeling three homes and countless projects for Christmas/July 4th etc. It has NEVER failed me. Unfortunately, my bride nearly died from cancer and I had to sell it to pay the bills. Now, today, I am looking to buy the Mark 7. This is one great machine/tool and I am SOO looking forward to owning another Shop Smith tool. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, thank you for an incredible USA product. !!!!
Name: Gary
Location: Ohio
Submitted on: 2017-06-09
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recently I had just purchased a New Mark 7. After getting it home and giving it a good going over I noticed a couple of things that were wrong with it. I contacted Shopsmith about the items of concern. To make a long story short they took care of everything and did so in a very timely manner.Their customer service is top rate , they take care of their customers. I would like to thank Jim and Sue for correcting the problems ,they are Super to work with and know what they are doing , thank you both. I would like to also thank Joy and Anita the ladies behind the phones that got everything rolling you girls are great. So if you want a great woodworking machine don't hesitate in buying a Mark 7 it is an awesome machine and you will have Great support if any problems should arrive. One last note ,I have owned a Mark V for 38 years and it has never failed me and I see no reason this awesome Mark 7 will either .Great products Shopsmith!
Name: Floyd A. Tate
Location: Horsham, Pa
Submitted on: 2017-02-16
Rating: 5 out of 5
I saw the shopsmith in the early eighties, I had to fight to buy it. but I did when, I used the machine to make a few projects, that made nice xmas gifts. also made a nice lamp with the lathe turning the lamp part about 12 inches high an 3 inch diameter.I still use that same lamp today.I upgraded from a five to seven making my table bigger, always love it, But now I live in an apartment so I my need to sell.and what ever happen to the handy magazine. It was suppose to life time.
Name: AL
Submitted on: 2017-02-06
Rating: 5 out of 5
I started with a Mark 500 in the late seventies. Built a lot of projects (decks, several basement remodels with built in bars, etc). I never upgraded the tool, but in late 2016 I gave it to my son-in-law, along with a band saw and numerous small accessories. By the way, it was still working fine. However I started missing my Shopsmith, so in early 2017 I ordered a new Mark 7, bandsaw, jointer, belt sander, and various lathe accessories. Wonderful machine! The variable reluctance motor and controls is a huge improvement, as is the modular table system. The increased speed range really allows safer control and the speed chart lookup function is very handy. Dual tilt - very cool. I have had some problems with startup, where I get a blank screen occasionally. I am working with the service department to resolve this one problem. The table system is another excellent feature, very needed improvement. I think offering some type of clip on connectors to quickly extend the aux tables for ripping would be useful. (yes, I'm familiar with the videos, Reid and others, showing how to extend tables in this direction). Otherwise, an excellent machine. Highly recommended.
Name: Michael
Location: Kansas
Submitted on: 2016-10-23
Rating: 4 out of 5
This is a good machine. The design needs some definite help. The computer that runs the motor gets hot after running the router or table saw for an extended period of time (like about 30 to 45 minutes). There is NO ventilation for the computer. Customer service has told me that I need to turn a fan on it and to take the nameplate loose and proper it open and to take the belly pan off to allow the air to circulate through the headstock. Allow it to cool for about 1-1/5 to 2 hours before trying to turn it back on. If you are in the middle of a cut you really do NOT want the machine to just shut itself off. It really messes up the cut and doubles the amount of work of having to retrace the cut so it is all smoothed out. Other than this problem the machine works really well, and I would have given it a rating of 5 if it was not for this one design flaw. The engineers at shopsmith has overlooked this problem or else they really do not understand the cooling needs of a computer.
Name: Don
Location: WI
Submitted on: 2016-08-07
Rating: 5 out of 5
Bought the DIY upgrade. Went together fairly well. The DVD installation instruction was very helpful. Mostly bought it to slow down the rpms and minimize the bouncing around when turning large bowl blanks. This was well worth the money. Also love the reverse for sanding the turned items. I highly recommend this upgrade.
Name: TPeter
Location: Florida
Submitted on: 2016-07-03
Rating: 5 out of 5
I'm not exactly reviewing the Mark-7, but I have been a shopsmith owner for over 30 years if that counts for anything and the shopsmith I have has been upgraded over the years with the most current features. Simply put, I wouldn't give it up for anything. Every time I seem to need a tool for something, I look at my shopsmith and say it can do that. A lot of jigs and fixtures you don't need because the shopsmith has a lot built in that can be shared between the various tools that the shopsmith provides. For a home/hobbyist workshop, it's the best most comprehensive tool I've ever invested in.
Name: herb b
Location: north augusta sc
Submitted on: 2016-05-10
Rating: 5 out of 5
I purchased my 520 in 1986. It has paid for it's self several times over. The ease of operation and change over. once you learn the procedure,is amazing. The accuracy of multiple cuts can not be beaten by any machine that I have used at any price. In the past 30 years I have had only one minor problem and that was the casters wore out in about 5 years I have not replaced the yet because I don't have to move my machine very often. I totally recommend the Shopsmith to both new woodworkers and professional furniture makers alike. Thanks Shopsmith for an American built superior tool. I would love to have the Mark 7 but I need to wear out the one I have now, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Thanks again. Herb B.
Name: Eddie
Location: New Mexico
Submitted on: 2016-03-17
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have been a shopsmith owner for 20 years. I started with a Mark V moved up to a Mark 510 about 7 years ago and finally talked myself into purchasing a Mark 7 and passing my Mark 510 to my son. I am extremely pleased with the new Mark 7. I have half my garage to work in after I pull the car out. There is no other machine on the market that I can do shaping, routing, table sawing with the precision that the Mark 7 provides. Most everything that I use is on casters from my work table,mobile clamp station to the most important item,the Mark 7. It is a quality made USA machine. You won't be disappointed.
Name: Ken nelson
Submitted on: 2016-01-03
Rating: 5 out of 5
Name: John Weaver
Location: 82 SKIFF LANE
Submitted on: 2015-12-07
Rating: 2 out of 5
Name: Susan culp
Location: Oregon
Submitted on: 2015-11-19
Rating: 5 out of 5
My husband built our home with a shop smith almost 40 years ago. Almost all our furniture, gifts, were built with that same shop smith, We bought that shop smith as newly married on a payment plan. Had that shopsmith before much furniture and nothing much else! I became the recipient of his artist of wood and that much appreciated piece of equipment! Our son has taken up the love of woodworking and is now the owner of a shop Smith!
Name: Larry J
Location: Wichita KS
Submitted on: 2015-07-16
Rating: 5 out of 5
I bought my ShopSmith in 1992, I have purchased most of the add on attachments. It has been virtually trouble free, mainly a bearing or two wearing out, and just normal maintenance. I updated mine to a Model 7 just after they came out, I have the works. It took about 4 hours for me and my grandson to update the headstock, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructions were top rate. I took the opportunity to repaint the headstock while I had it apart. It has been 3 years since the update, I am having more fun doing wood working with the Mark 7, it was the greatest update ever. Since I updated mine there have been a couple of individuals in my wood working guild that have purchased them. Since the update I have had not even 1 minute of maintenance work stoppage, I am impressed.
Name: Jim B.
Location: Glenshaw, PA
Submitted on: 2015-03-20
Rating: 5 out of 5
I received my Mark 7 in June 2014. I love the ease of swithcing from one tool to the other. I have added a bandsaw, and it cuts everything great. The documentation is impressive as well as the online videos. It is so nice to deal with the customer service people. This will be my woodworking tool of choice for life. Thanks Shopsmith, I'm having a great time!

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