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555977 - MARK V MODEL 520

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Name: Bunkie
Location: New York City
Submitted on: 2017-11-14
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have owned my Mark V for 24 years. In that time, I have bought other stationary tools (two table saws, another bandsaw and a 6" jointer. But through it all I have kept and used my Mark V and will never give it up. It has survived four shop moves, two stints in storage and heavy-duty use. I have broken it down and transported it in the back of a station wagon, set it up outside a Brooklyn apartment to saw plywood and, currently, it is the first big tool in my new shop as I build the shelving and cabinets for the new space. Without my Mark V, I would probably not have tried turning, something I really enjoy. Using the extension tables, It can handle sawing 4x8 sheets of plywood. It is an exceptional tool, a lifetime purchase in a world of disposable products. But it is more than a tool, it is a relationship as Shopsmith is a great company, not some "nameplate" sold from one conglomerate to another. Customer support and service is exceptional. Is the Shopsmith expensive? In terms of initial purchase prices, yes. In terms of long-term value and function? No, it's a bargain. I never regret what I paid for mine.
Name: JC in North Idaho
Location: Blanchard
Submitted on: 2016-10-03
Rating: 5 out of 5
Mark V 520 with Band Saw attachment. I have owned this machine for almost 20 years. Does pretty much everything I need it to do. Although I'm not a heavy woodworking person/hobbyist, it has been great for doing things I need to fix or make around the property all these years. I have used all the different ways it was designed to do. From simple cuts and sanding to making bowls and vases on the lathe. It has never failed me.
Name: Ben Duncan
Location: Buda, TX
Submitted on: 2016-04-25
Rating: 5 out of 5
I love my ShopSmith. I've built many furniture pieces and many Christmas and birthday presents with it. My most prized piece I'm proud of is a secretary, hutch, and cabinets for my wife. The ShopSmith made it an easy project. Everything (ShopSmith, bandsaw, joiner, belt sander, and all the tools and attachments fit in my 10' x 12' woodshop/garage. Thank you! Thank you! for such a GREAT space saver tool.
Name: William Rutledge
Location: Grenada, MS
Submitted on: 2015-04-29
Rating: 4 out of 5
I just wanted to say that I bought my shopsmith way back in 1988. I have used it ever since then. I really can't believe that it is still going. I mostly use it now for the lathe operation. As a matter of fact I turned a child's toy on it today. I was injured at work back in 2008 and wasn't able to use my shopsmith as much as in the past. Today was the first time I time I was able to use the lathe in like 4 years. I'd always turn the machine on and change the speed from slow to fast but today I actually turned a small project. Guess what? It fun tuned practically the same as the first day I bought it. Thank you for such a great machine..since 1988 when I got it, I've made thousands of different things. Anything from simple book shelves to turning wood bowls and things. Again thank you and please continue to produce such a fine machine. Bill Rutledge 113 Allison St. Grenada,MS 38901

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