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555535 - Crosscut SldgTbl M7


This ingenious sliding table acts like a "sled" to support long or wide workpieces as it carries them smoothly and precisely through otherwise difficult cross-cuts. With this accessory, precise crosscuts and miters on large pieces of stock are as easy (and as accurate) as with a radial arm saw!

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Name: Drew
Location: Cincinnati
Submitted on: 2015-11-02
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have had mine for 10 years or more. I just pulled it off the wall to cut the ends of some 5' x 12" x 3.4" plywood boards. Did a great job. I use this when boards are to wide for the chop saw. I also use this when I want a cleaner cut than what the chop saw will provide. It is very easy to a depth stop to with just some spring clamps and scrap wood. I don't have the Aux side board but I would recommend that also. I currently use a scrap piece of wood but The Aux board looks like a better way to go. I would recommend this over the Incra Model. The Incra model works good on narrow boards.
Name: E-GAD
Location: Delaware, OH
Submitted on: 2015-01-09
Rating: 5 out of 5
This review is for the 516524 & 516525 Croscut sliding table and fence plus the guide bar for a MK V - 500. I purchased this while Shopsmith had it on sale around Christmas. I just received it and the 555526 auxillary table I purchased at the same time. This is a great addition for V-500 owners. It allows cross cutting wider boards safely. Assembly instructions were easy to follow and quickly accomplished. Note one: If you don't have the table extention that aligns with the guide bar slot - get one or two. This will increase the stability when using the sliding table with wider boards. Since the guide bar slot doesn't have the extra groves, the bar and table are not held down and can tip at the begining of cross cutting a wide board. Second note: As this new sliding table is perfectly square and flat when properly aligned, You may find your main saw table and the auxillary table at the end of your Shopsmith may not be aligned with each other or they may not be flat or level in all directions. Time spent making sure all parts of your machine are aligned, level and square with each other will give excellant results and worth the time spent truing your machine. Thanks Shopsmith for great support of the older 500's.
Name: Mark
Location: Lake Forest, Ca
Submitted on: 2013-05-08
Rating: 5 out of 5
I use this so much that I'm thinking of getting a spare. It works great, however, I would definitely advise anyone to also get the auxiliary table that goes on the other side of the blade to support the cut-off side of your wood - otherwise there will be 1/2 inch space on the unsupported side which is not good.

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