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Name: Ralph Livingston
Location: Michigan
Submitted on: 2017-10-21
Rating: 5 out of 5
My Shopsmith planer goes back to 1984, virtually when it was introduced. It has the original aluminum platen with the stainless steel skin that has stayed perfectly flat all these years. As I recall, it went back to Shopsmith for some type of warranty repair, long ago, and has worked perfectly ever since. It's a shame that this product is only occasionally available now, the cheaper benchtop planers with their dangerously high noise levels now dominate the market. While this planer will not hog wood like a 3HP Grizzly, it can easily produce better finishes, especially on difficult woods such as curly maple. My advice is to keep watching the Shopsmith web site, and when another run of Shopsmith planers is scheduled, bite the bullet, pay the extra dollars, and get rid of your ear splitting universal motor planer.
Name: bob bohner
Location: buffalo ny
Submitted on: 2017-10-19
Rating: 1 out of 5
The last time I used my planer it worked perfectly - now the motor feed won't work. I took the motor apart and the feed roller moves fine - something is wrong with the motor - Replacement motor is $495!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's almost 50% of the cost of a whole new planer. That's just not fair....
Name: thomas purcell
Location: MI
Submitted on: 2016-08-05
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have had this stand alone machine for at least 25 years. I found it to be a super addition to my workshop. Highly recommend it.
Name: Ken
Location: Greeley, CO
Submitted on: 2015-07-13
Rating: 5 out of 5
Works very well. I converted a Shopsmith mounted model to a "PRO" with pulleys, a belt and a 1-1/2 hp motor. Used it recently to remove old finish from an oak desk refurb. Set to very minimum setting and planed old finish off flat surfaces of drawer fronts. Saved a lot of stripper and effort. I have a sharpening jig and it's relatively easy to sharpen the blades when needed. I now have the Mark 7 and may convert back to "Pro". Good and rugged tool.
Name: Richard
Location: Springfield VA
Submitted on: 2015-01-21
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have owned this planer for 15+ years. The variable speed feature for feeding the stock is fantastic. Snipe can be an issue but by adjusting the tension on the indeed rollers, using a long board mounted on the tables and feeding the stock at a slight angle eliminated the problem. I highly recommend the stand alone planer for shop owners that want to save money by buying rough cut lumber.
Name: DRH
Location: Michigan
Submitted on: 2013-11-14
Rating: 5 out of 5
I have owned the Shopsmith professional planer for about 20 years, and have a lot of time using it. I have had zero problems. I bought 2 spare sets of blades since my sharpening service takes at least a week and I do not want to be without a working planer. Sniping is not an issue if you take small final cuts and hold the wood against the table. I like the variable feed speed since I cut a wide variety of woods. I don't like the blade setting tool that came with the planer so I use a machinist's dial indicator to set the blade height within +/- 0.001", blade to blade and end to end. I get great quality finish but I often leave about 1/64" stock to run thru my drum sander so I don't have to do any hand sanding. The only upgrade I would like is a segmented cutter to avoid having to sharpen blades.

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