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523059 - Woodworking Tips

Woodworking Tips From Shopsmith PDF/E-Books CD

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Name: mike
Location: san francisco bay area
Submitted on: 2014-04-17
Rating: 2 out of 5
Don't waste your money on this one. DVD simply contains a pdf, ebook, etc. list of helpful hints all in text. No diagrams or pictures to show what they mean to clarify some of their suggestions. They have the tips broken up by rough subjects, but no table of context, index or extended search capability (other than what a pdf or ereader supplies), so you end up paging through the document. Many of the comments are useful and many are very creative, but some are a bit odd (and in some cases there are better options, but that is usually the case with any sort static of list.) I would suggest just searching the internet for ideas when you encounter a problem. For example When you need to make tracing templates for projects you plan to build again at some time in the future, make them out of aluminum offset printing plates. You can usually get them for free from local printers, they roll up easily for storage and they'll last a lifetime Has anybody seen printer that still uses plates? Sometimes they repeat One of the oldest and most important axioms in woodworking. More mistakes are made on projects by taking and/or marking inaccurate measurements than through any other step in the woodworking process. Always re-measure every cut at least once before making it. The dividends paid by this practice can be enormous. Which is useful, but kind of cliché

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