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Shop Tips - Turning A Plate

Shavings May/June 79

Turning a plate can be easier than you think!

You’ll recall that the feature in our last issue of Shavings mentioned Mr. Brown’s interest in making plates. So, he sent a few drawings and told us how he even adds the finishing touches while turning. Mr. Brown mounts a piece of softwood directly to the faceplate and then glues the workpiece used to make the plate right onto this softwood. This way there are no unsightly holes in the bottom of the plate when he’s finished.

Take a look at the drawings and his notes…

  1. Center blank and place smooth surface of bowl or plate blank against glue. Clamp while glue sets up.
  2. After turning bowl or plate, sand smooth, apply finish (Deft), and use 0000 steel wool while turning on lathe.
  3. Using kitchen knife at chamfer, strike it firmly with mallet to separate plate from soft back-up piece. Reface soft wood for your next blank.
  4. Scrape glue off bottom of plate and sand smooth, apply finish to bottom last.


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