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Workshop Safety - Lathe

Some lathe safety tips:

  • Protect your face and eyes with a face shield.
  • Protect your respiratory system and ventilate your work space with a proper dust collection system.
  • Remove all moldy (Splated) wood and shavings immediately.
  • Protect your skin from toxic materials and possible allergies to some woods.
  • Work sober, never under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If you have to use brute force to make the wood do what you want, your tools and methods are wrong.
  • If you grasp the tools with an iron grip, you'll quickly fatigue yourself; and, in the long run, it's dangerous*.
  • Keep the tool rest as close to the work as possible, tools firm to the rest and always remove the tool rest when sanding and finishing.
  • Keep long sleeves rolled up above your elbows.
  • Don't let apron strings fly in the way of the turning stock. Tie back long hair, and keep safety glasses or a full-face shield over your eyes.
  • Sanding on the lathe can turn into a dust storm and dust can be dangerous. Open a window, use a dust collection system, and wear a mask.
  • Do you feet a favor: get a resilient pad on which to stand. A rubber anti-fatigue mat (Part #721049) prevents slipping too by trapping sawdust between the grooves of its non-slip surface.
  • Avoid prolonged lower back strain. Take a breather when you feel tension growing in your back muscles. To relieve strain, try squatting with your knees bent and your back straight against a wall. One orthopedic surgeon claims that Americans would suffer fewer back problems in general if they made this a daily practice.

*Production workers who persist in using a strangle-hold on vibrating tools can get Raynaud's Syndrome, a serious malady affecting the nerves in the wrist, causing numbness and even partial paralysis.


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