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Chisel Holder

Hands On July/Aug 80

Click to see larger viewIt helps to have a chisel holder when you're working on a lathe. Most Woodturners like to change chisels frequently, and it's a real timesaver to have them handy.

The holder shown here rests on the lower ways of your Shopsmith. The chisels rest in the holder, points turned safely away from you. It's made from a single piece of scrap wood 3/4" thick by 17-3/4" long by 6-3/4" wide.

Click to see larger viewCut the grooves as shown in the working drawing using a Dado blade or a blank cutter in a molding head. Make sure you leave at least 3/4" between the grooves that hold the chisels so that you can pick them up easily. As shown, this holder will accommodate three chisels. For every extra chisel you want it to hold, add 2" to the width of the board.


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