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DVD - Mark V Maint. Vol 1

DVD - Mark V Maint. Vol 1

Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith MARK V -- DVD/DVD-ROM  – Volume 1

Maintaining & Repairing the Shopsmith MARK V -- DVD/DVD-ROM – Volume 1

This 65-minute Fail-Safe video shows you, step-by-step, how to replace the MARK V’s Belts and Drive Sleeve…and how to make A high-speed adjustment

In this PART 1 Maintenance video, Nick will show you how to examine and replace three of the most important components of your Shopsmith MARK V…the Drive Belt -- the Poly-V or Gilmer Belt -- and the Drive Sleeve.

Nick begins with a walk through helping you determine which of the three headstock types your machine has: Type A, B or C. Knowing this information will tell you when your machine was made, as well as which Motor it has; whether it has a single or double-bearing Quill; whether it has a Gilmer or Poly-V Belt and which switch it has.

Following this introduction, Nick continues with in-depth, step-by-step discussions of :
How to inspect and replace the Drive Belt Here, you’ll learn how to determine whether or not you have a Drive Belt problem; how to decide when it’s time to replace your Drive Belt and if it is time, how to remove and replace the Belt.
How to inspect and replace the Poly-V or Gilmer Belt As in the segment above, Nick will lead you through determining whether or not you have a belt problem, and if it’s time to replace the Belt, how to remove the Idler Shaft, Drive Shaft and complete Drive Assembly in order to effect the replacement.
How to replace the Drive Sleeve You’ll know that it’s time to replace this Sleeve if your MARK V begins to make a terrible racket and your auxiliary Drive Hub is turning while your Quill is remaining stationary. Nick shows you how simple this process can be once the two Belts in the above steps are removed.
How to make a High Speed Adjustment Here, Nick begins by showing you how to determine whether your MARK V is operating at the speed shown on the Speed Dial, then leads you through the process of making any corrections, if required.

INCLUDES 116-PAGE BONUS MANUAL: This video includes an information-packed, 116-page Service and Repair Manual that you can read and/or print as a PDF file from your computer. This is NOT merely the standard MARK V Owner’s Manual, but rather, the definitive document on diagnosing MARK V problems – and resolving them. A MUST-HAVE document that you’ll want to ad to your workshop library.

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