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Lift Assist - Mark V Larger Bench T

Lift Assist - Mark V Larger Bench T

MARK V Lift Assist to use on older MARK Vs. Any MARK V with the bench tube that has a diameter of 1.875 will need to order this Lifter.

This is the accessory many MARK V owners have been wanting for some time. As we get older, we're not as strong as we used to be...and those things that were once easy for us are now a bit more difficult. It's all a part of life.

Lifting the MARK V from horizontal to vertical postion is one of those procedures that can get a bit tougher with age. The taller you are, of course, the higher you'll want your Drill Press Table once it's raised...and the more difficult it gets to make the move.

But now, ther's a great little helper available to take the majority of this effort out of the equation entirely. No matter what your reason for needing a little about half an hour to an hour's time, your new Shopsmith Lift-Assist will be doing that lifting work for you.

Again, we're not talking about just a fraction of that effort...but 60%, 65%, 76% up to...Every Last Drop Of Effort you would normally exert to raise the MARK V.

The complete Kit includes the Lift-Assist Arm, gas-charged Cylinder, hardware and simple, step-by-step instructions for adding it to any Model MARK V. Destined to become the favorite accessory of many MARK V owners.

Important Note: Sorry...with the Lift-Assist installed, Shopsmith's Steel Storage Cabinets will not slide under the MARK V for storage.

555998 Lift Assist - Mark V Larger Bench T ...   $279.00

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