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Flip-Up Rip Fence Stop ensures repeatibility for a variety of operations

The perfect accessory for creating multiple stopped dadoes, grooves, molding bansaw cuts & repetitive drilling and routing operations.

The 24" aluminum Extension Rail attaches to the top of the Rip Fence on your MARK V (510, 520 or later model 500) or the optional fence for later model Shopsmith Bandsaws. Just slide into position and lock with a quick twist of a knob. Twin washers hold the Rail parallel with the Fence when it's extended beyond the Fence end.

Special flip-up Stop slides into the Rail and locks with a knob. The Stops can be adjusted up to 32" from the center of the worktable on the MARK V Model 510 (310 on a Model 520). Fits on later Model 500's with T-slot on top.

Flippers are reversible to work on either side of the Fence. Order extra Flippers so you can have multiple stops.

555807 FENCE STOPS & RAIL ( ...   $49.38

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