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Laser Locator

The Shopsmith Laser Locator is the Perfect Accessory for Your Shopmsith Drill Press, Horizontal Boring Machine, and Router Chuck.

With an effortless mounting system, the Shopsmith Laser Locator easily adjusts to locate the exact point of contact for your Shopsmith Drill Bits.

The Laser Locator projects thin crosshairs on to your workpiece to easily locate your drill point at any height on your drill press.

Your NEW Laser Locator:
  • Attaches seamlessly to your Shopsmith Drill Press
  • Is light, but sturdy and built to last, just like your Shopsmith
  • Is guaranteed to be unobstructed by your Shopsmith Fence
  • Gives you the security of knowing your drilling, boring, and routing will always be right on target
  • Can also be used with your Router chuck to create a center line for your router but to follow
Made Exclusively for Shopsmith Customers

The Shopsmith Laser Locator is made of rugged steel with an aluminum attachment plate built to be lightweight, but long lasting. The mounting system on the Shopsmith Laser Locator was specifically designed to mount perfectly to Shopsmith machines. Our Product Engineers didn't just take a generic approach to mounting this product on machines, they looked at the best available materials that would provide the best results and created a proprietary product not available anywhere else. The Shopsmith Laser Locator features a quick acting clamping knob for easy installation and removal as you switch capabilities.

With only two AA batteries as a power source, the Laser Locator has no messy cords to plug in or pull it off center. Purchase the Shopsmith Laser Locator today and stop wasting time raising and lowering your drill chuck out of fear of "missing your mark"!

504054 Laser Locator ...   $74.99

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