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Strip Sander - Information

The Strip Sander helps you smooth straight, curved, convex and concave surfaces, plus handle internal sanding jobs that would be impossible with ordinary abrasive machines. And, depending on the coarseness of the belts youíre using, it will remove stock rapidly or put a mirror-smooth surface on wood, plastics or metal with equal ease. Use it as a Contour Sander, Sharpener and Grinder. Itís great for sanding small, intricate crafts projects or grinding, deburring or sharpening metal objects or edged tools.

These special features make the Shopsmith Strip Sander one of your best power tool values

  • Sands external or internal workpiece areas ó Even sands internal edges of pierced fretwork or other projects
  • Use 1/2-inch wide or 1-inch wide belts:
    80-grit to 220-grit belts available in 1/2-inch width
    60-grit to 500-grit belts available in 1-inch width
  • Large, 11-inches x 11-inches Worktable tilts from 0-degrees to 45-degrees for woodworking -- or to act as a guide when sharpening straight or curved edge cutting tools such as bench and lathe chisels, scissors, knives, etc.
  • Interchangeable Flat and Curved Platens let you sand exact angles to suit the shape of your project
  • Exposed upper Tracking Wheel serves as a contour sander for internal curves
  • Simple, one-knob tracking adjustment
  • Automatic Belt tensioning

Manual, Parts List and Exploded View Drawing - Item #556082

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