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Speed Reducer - Information

A. Adapter Assembly attaches firmly to the quill for sturdiness,

B. Cast Aluminum Housing for quality and durability,

C. Tapered Spindle Flat for added safety, and

D. Internal Mechanisms allow for 100≠700 rpm at Speed Reducer output spindle

Selecting the right tools to do the job is the key to achieving professional woodworking results. You already know that the MARK V provides the appropriate operating speed for nearly every woodworking task. Now you can expand its capabilities to even higher levels with the Shopsmith Speed Reducer!

Designed for use on the MARK V 500, 510 and 520, the Speed Reducer provides a 7:1 speed reduction ratio. Instead of its usual 700 to 5200 RPM speed range, your MARK Vís range suddenly increases to 100 to 5200 RPM. You can now perform an even wider variety of operations while improving safety and increasing your ability to achieve top quality results.

With the MARK V set at its lowest speed setting of 700 RPM,the Speed Reducer output spindle will be turning at 100 RPM. As you increase the speed of the MARK V, the Speed Reducerís RPM also increases at a 7:1 ratio. This provides new levels of speed reduction for whatever operation you are performing ≠ turning, sawing, drilling or boring.

Although the versatile MARK V is equipped to handle nearly every woodworking task, some special operations require lower operating speeds. Metalworking and working with plastics require reduced speeds that are usually associated with freestanding tools. The Speed Reducer increases the capabilities of the MARK V so that it is superior to freestanding tools in most cases!

Slow your MARK V to 100 rpm for drilling, sanding or turning with the Shopsmith Speed Reducer

Now, you can drill metals, plastics and large diameter holes in the hardest woods with the Shopsmith Speed Reducer. Use Forstner Bits, hole saws and large multi-spur or clockface bits with improved results, added safety and less burning of the bit or the workpiece. Also helpful for fine sanding on the Lathe, Disc or Drum SanderÖand for large diameter turnings. Attaches at three points to the MARK Vís Spindle and its two Way Tubes for vibration-free operation. A valuable shop addition!

Manual - Item #845254

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