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Speed Increaser - Information

The Shopsmith Speed Increaser will turn your MARK V into an even more efficient routing and shaping tool than it already is . . . saving your time and giving you smoother, cleaner cuts.

Designed for use with your Model 500, 510 or 520 MARK V, the Speed Increaser is made to deliver 10,000 rpm's (at a "V" speed setting). As a result, you'll have to make fewer passes with your stock…especially when cutting full profiles . . . and spend a lot less time sanding, too.

The Increaser's under-table design also allows you to perform table routing and shaping operations in a more conventional fashion, with the bit cutting safely under your workpiece.

The special See-Through Speed Increaser Shield (included) hooks to your DC-3300 Dust Collector or shop vacuum and does an amazing job of capturing flying dust.

Includes: The Shopsmith Speed Increaser, Shield, 1/2-inch Shaper Spindle with four sizes of (non-bearing) Rub Collars (555463) and mounting hardware for the Increaser and the Shield.

The Shopsmith Speed Increaser boosts your MARK V's maximum rpm's to 10,000 for super-smooth, super-fast routing and shaping.

1. 3-Point Clamping (at quill, coupler and support bracket assembly) provides for more accurate cutting results and enhances stability.

2. Dual Spindle Guards for additional safety

3. Internal Mechanisms allow for 10,000 RPM at Speed Increaser output Spindle

4. Cast Iron Housingprovides for quality, durability, and dampens noise and vibration.

Manual - Item #845268
Parts List - Item #845408

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