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Scroll Saw (Teal) - Information

The Shopsmith Scroll Saw is an incredibly versatile tool
The Shopsmith Scroll Saw is one of the safest and easiest-to-use of all our tools…and that makes it the best tool for introducing your family to one of today's most satisfying and rewarding pastimes, The Joys of Woodworking!

With unlimited project opportunities, it's easy to see why scroll sawing has been gaining in popularity at such a rapid rate since the mid 1980's. Let the Shopsmith Scroll Saw lead you to the fun!

The variable-speed Shopsmith Scroll Saw is delicate enough to saw thin veneers, inlays, intricate fretwork or mother-of-pearl…yet powerful enough to slice through brass, bone, plastics and hard or soft woods up to a full 2-inches thick with amazing ease!

Its special blade blocks hold all 5-inch, plain end fret saw or jigsaw blades from 1/4-inch wide down to super-fine blades for intricate details.

The blades on old-fashioned Jigsaws were typically powered only on the down stroke, with a spring-loaded return stroke. As a result, it was often difficult to maintain tension that was constant enough to cut anything much thicker than 1-1/2-inches or so. Plus, the brief lag in the return produced cuts that almost always required sanding.

The Scroll Saw's blade, however, is powered on both the down (cutting) and up (return) strokes, thereby producing a constant blade tension to deliver more positive control over the cut and prevent premature blade breakage. Couple all this with a wide, infinitely-variable speed range and it's easy to see why, with a Shopsmith Scroll Saw, you'll get super-smooth cuts every time, and practically never need to finish sand your cut line. It meets or beats the competition and is priced hundreds of dollars less!

Feature-for-feature, the Shopsmith Scroll Saw is a hands-down winner!

Huge 16-inch x 23-1/2-inch Table provides more than enough support for your largest projects -- tilts to 45-degrees in both directions & locks with a single knob

1/8 hp, 115V DC Motor (free-standing model only) delivers infinitely variable speeds from 500 to 1450 strokes-per-minute at the turn of a dial (MARK V mounted units: 250 to 1,450 S.P.M.)

Parallel arm action moves blade forward on the down cut and back on the up cut to clear sawdust and prevent blade rocking for perfect 90-degree turns and corners. Upper arm covered for safety.

Heavy Zinc Alloy Base dampens vibrations for super-smooth running

Convenient dual blade tensioning controls with a back flip-release for primary tensioning during blade changes and a convenient up-front release for fast tensioning during piercing cuts

Clear, See-Through Upper Guard lets light in and flips up and out of your way for quick, tool-free blade changes

Fast, 30-second, tool-less blade changes -- a quick, quarter-turn of the blade locking thumb-nuts is all it takes

Hold-Down with Dust Blower offers built-in vertical blade guarding with a fast-acting, single knob height adjustment and a built-in Blower to keep your cutting line sawdust-free

Quick slap-off Safety Switch with removable key

Manual, Parts List and Exploded View Drawing - Item #556081

How Old Is It:
All Scroll Saws have date codes as the serial numbers. This model of the Scroll Saw began in 1993.

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