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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll Saw (Gray) - Information

This version of the Shopsmith Scroll Saw is no longer in production or sold.

Some of the features of the Gray Scroll Saw are:

Powerful cutting -- The blade is powered on both the down (cutting) and up (return) strokes, thereby producing a constant blade tension to deliver more positive control over the cut and prevent premature blade breakage.

Table tilt -- Lets you cut bevels up to 45-degrees in both directions and the pressure foot can be locked at the same angle for better workpiece control

Easy changeovers -- Spring-loaded pin locks upper and lower blade mounting blocks in position so blade changes or piercing cuts are quick and easy. The blocks hold all standard 5" fret saw or jigsaw blades from heavy-duty 1/4" wide down to super-fine No. 6/0 jeweler's blades for intricate details.

Eliminates guesswork -- Some manufacturers say a properly tensioned blade should sound like "high C". Not very helpful without a piano in the workshop. Our tensioning knob clicks as it tightens so blades can be mounted or remounted with the exact same tension.

Improved operator safety -- Some blade guards are awkward or obstruct your view. We bent the blower tube to give a clear view and provide a guard on both sides of the blade. A stream of air from the blower tibe helps minimize distractions by blowing sawdust away from your cutting line.

Cleaner operation -- All scroll saws product fine duct that can irritate your eyes and nose, and get traced around the house. That's why we included a hookup for standard 2 1/2" dust collection hoses. The dust port is directly below the blade so you can make virtually any cut without a mess!

Packet - Item #877087

How Old Is It:
All Scroll Saws have date codes as the serial numbers. This model of the Scroll Saw began in 1989.

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