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Professional Planer - Information

The Shopsmith Professional Thickness Planer -- Feature-packed, top quality Planer delivers the precise thickness you need, every time!

Variable feed control is the super-smooth secret to the mirror-like finishes produced by these Shopsmith Planers. The Pro Planer offers a constant cutterhead speed, allowing an infinitely variable 72 to 205 cuts-per-inch at a twist of the Feed Motorís Speed Dial. Plus, with the MARK V mounted Planer, you can also vary the cutterhead speed, broadening that range to between 62 and 205 cuts-per-inch.

Separate feed motor wonít rob cutterhead power. Both Shopsmith Planers offer a separate feed motor thatís independent of the cutterhead motor. No complicated drive mechanisms to rob power from the cutterhead. You get better, more consistent Planer performance since each of the two motors is dedicated to its own function.

Plenty of muscle to tackle your toughest jobs. The Pro Planer comes with its own Operating Stand and rugged, 1-3/4 hp motor that delivers a constant cutterhead speed of 5,750 rpm. The MARK V mounted Planer is powered by the 1-1/8 hp MARK V Headstock and is capable of delivering infinitely variable cutterhead speeds of 3,000 to 4,100 rpm.

Large 12-inch x 4-inch capacity handles big lumber. All the throat capacity you need to smoothly and swiftly surface boards up to a foot wide. Generous 4-inch thickness capacity turns hefty, rough-sawn timbers into smooth, finished stock.

28-inch long Table provides unrivaled support. The Shopsmith Planer has the longest Table of all 12-inch planers in the industry. Its rigid, durable cast construction eliminates leveling problems and ensures proper infeed and outfeed support and consistent depth-of-cut on every workpiece.

High-Grip Feed Rollers help prevent slippage. The serrated steel infeed roller grabs every board (even thick, 4-inch timbers) with a secure, nonslip grip and pushes it through the cutterhead at a constant feed rate to produce that super-smooth Shopsmith finish. The long-lasting, hard rubber outfeed roller then grasps the board as it exits the cutterhead, pulling it through at that same rate and completing the cut without marring or scratching the surface.

The free-standing Shopsmith Pro Planer is ideally suited to the woodworker with a little more space and a need for more precisely dimensioned lumber.

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How Old Is It:
Below is a chart indicating the Serial Numbers of the Pro Planer made in various years.

Jan. Feb. Mar. April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
1985 -- 00056 00321 00730 00899 00933 -- 01310 01483 01597 01648 01804
1986 02012 02212 -- 002628 002756 002806 003128 003440 003776 003988 004156 004260
1987 004585 004864 004974 005114 005193 005229 005367 005615 005906 006000 006139
From Dec 1987 until now, Pro Planer have date codes.
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