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Lathe Duplicator - Information

Now you can quickly and easily make multiple spindle or faceplate turnings that match perfectly. Create chair backs, newel posts and stair railings. Turn matched sets of bowls or round gift boxes. Duplicate pieces up to 8-inches in diameter with cuts to 3-1/4-inches deep!

Work with flat patterns or existing turnings such as worn or broken porch spindles. A simple Micro-adjustment assures Cutting Tip to Follower Tip alignments as close as 1/64-inch. Then just grasp the Floating Tool Rest Assembly (which holds the Cutting & Follower Tips) firmly with both hands and glide it smoothly across the Worktable Surface while the Follower Tip traces the pattern and the Cutting Tip does the work. Simple!

The two-handed grip gives you positive control of every cut. Itís nearly impossible to slip and ruin a turning! Use the Follower Tip when duplicatingÖor remove it and turn freehand without fear of gouging or snagging.

The rugged Worktable mounts in your MARK Vís Table Carriage. Heavy steel supports clamp quickly to the MARK Vís upper way tubes to hold the pattern securely. Includes Safety Guard and 12-inches wide, clear Chip Deflector Shield for added safety. Folds for compact storage.

Standard Accessories:

  • Mounting Brackets w/Unistrutģ Support Bar
  • 60-degrees Triangle Cutter and Follower
  • 12-inch Floating Chip Shield
  • Floating Tool Rest Assembly
  • Heavy-Duty Worktable Assembly
  • Two Reversible Pattern Clamps
  • Live Center Extension Spacer (optional Tailstock Live Center in not included, but recommended ≠ Order separately).

Includes: Standard Accessories, including one 60-degrees Triangle Cutting Tip

Not for use with the Shopsmith ER, M2 or M7.

Manual - Item #845349
Parts List - Item #845405


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