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Dust Collector - Information

Protect your investment
The revolutionary Shopsmith DC3300 Dust Collector provides an efficient and effective way of collecting wood dust and shavings before it has a chance to mess up your equipment, clothes, shop and home.

Not only does the DC3300 collect the shavings produced when woodworking, but our exclusive airflow system also filters the dust from the air in your shop. An ordinary suction-type shop vacuum can’t match the DC3300 dust collection abilities for sawing, sanding and especially planing operations that produce fine airborne dust.

Airflow is the secret!
Airflow is the “heart” of the Shopsmith DC3300 Dust Collector. A large industrial blower moves large amounts of air and as dust is passed through the blower, it is slowed down and the dust settles in the collection bag while it returns virtually dust-free air to your room after passing through the DC3300 permanent filter hood.

Special DC3300 Advantages
Use your DC3300 to sweep up sawdust, chips and shavings that might have escaped the system while you were working. Then take off the hoses and let the DC3300 run to remove any airborne dust and particles. It only takes about 10 minutes to filter the air in a 12-foot x 12-foot shop.

With an optional 4-inch Inlet Assembly, you can design a permanent piping system for your shop and eliminate the need to move your DC3300 from machine to machine. Complete instructions are included.

The only full-featured Dust Collector that comes with all these Standard Accessories:
  • Two 2-1/2-inch x 8-foot hoses
  • Two 20-inch x 2-1/2-inch extension wands
  • A 2-1/2-inch to 1-1/4-inch reducer plug
  • Wide, floor pickup attachment
  • Elbow brush attachment
  • Clamp-on utility pick up
  • Two inlet plug assemblies with caps
  • Six see-through disposable dust bags

Features Include:

  • Powerful, 1/2 hp motor (develops up to 3/4 hp)
  • Choice of up to 3 hookups simultaneously, or hook to a permanent piping system
  • Large low-noise 4-vane fan for maximum airflow even picks up wood chips
  • Heavy-duty 30-gallon, see-through plastic bags allow easy disposal or recycling
  • Oversize wheels and casters for mobility
  • 12-foot power cord eliminates need extensions
  • Compact size (only 48-inches high) requires only 21-inches x 26-inches of floor space

Manual, Parts List and Exploded View Drawing - Item #556455


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