Quick-Reference Laminated
Wood Properties Chart

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Questions About Domestic, Exotic or Engineered Woods?
Get Your Answers On This Handy Quick-Reference Chart

This Laminated Chart Puts a Wealth of Time-Saving Workshop Information Right At Your Fingertips

This great, new quick reference chart is jam-packed with a wealth of information about the many different types of woods we all use to build our projects. Here are just a few examples of the invaluable data that's available to help you select the best woods for the projects you're building in your shop:

It also includes:

Gives Weight, Strength, Hardness, Stability, Rot Resistance, Shrinkage and Comments

Board Feet Calculator, Softwood Plywood Grading and Engineered Wood Products

Toxic Woods and How They Affect Your Health / Information On Endangered Wood Species

Printed in full color on heavyweight stock for quick reference
and encapsulated inside a plastic lamination for durability

522921 Laminated Quick-Reference Wood Properties Chart ...    $10.99

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