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Shopsmith Gas-Spring Table-Raiser

New Gas Spring Table-Raiser Makes Easy Work of Drill Press Table Lifting and Lowering

New Gas Spring Table-Raiser Makes Easy Work Of Drill Press Table Lifting And Lowering

Switching between long drill bits (or other accessories) and short ones can test your strength when you're working in vertical, drill press position !

You're using a 6" or 7" long forstner bit in drill press mode to create a counterbore in a workpiece. When you're finished, you switch to a smaller (and shorter) bit to drill some more holes... but now, your worktable is too low for the 4-1/4" quill travel of your Shopsmith to allow your shorter bit to bore the holes. So, you have to raise the table to bore the smaller holes.

But, when you release the carriage lock lever, the table wants to drop immediately to the bottom of its travel... and on this day, it takes more strength than you have to keep it from falling. So, you quickly re-lock the carriage, lower the Shopsmith to horizontal position, re-position the table and raise the machine back into vertical position. Nerve-racking. Sound familiar?

Now, There's a New Solution

In about half an hour, using the supplied template and drill bit, you attach one of the included quick-release table-raiser brackets to your Shopsmith's table carriage and the other bracket to your machine's base arm and you're all set.

Attach The Quick-Release Table-Raiser Bracket To Your Machine's Table Carriage Just Snap the Quick-Release Table-Raiser to Your Shopsmith Before You Swing It Into Vertical Position

From this point on, each time you plan to switch to drill press mode and think that this scenario may be a problem for you, just snap the quick-release Table-Raiser to your Shopsmith before you swing it into vertical position and it will no longer be a problem.

Engineered specifically to work with your Shopsmith model, it will reduce your table-raising effort from 47# to 5# or zero (see table for specifics).

# of Effort Required To Raise Table Without Table-Raiser # of Effort Required To Raise Table With Table-Raiser # of Effort Required To Lower Table Without Table-Raiser # of Effort Required To Lower Table With Table-Raiser
Mark 7 and Mark V 510 and 520 47# 5# 0# 24#
Model 500 27# 0# 0# 12#

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