10 inch Carbide-Tipped Thin-Kerf Saw Blade Packages

10-inch Carbide-Tipped Thin-Kerf Blades Slice Smoothly Through the
Hardest Woods and Require Less Frequent Sharpening than Steel Blades

Carbide-Tipped Thin-Kerf Saw Blades Slice Smoothly Through the Hardest Woods Sawsmith Blades - Shop-Proven Performance - Superior Value

Specialty Sawing Package Provides Versatility At a Nice Savings

Thin Kerfs Make the Difference

These carbide-tipped blades deliver a narrower 3/32" kerf... unlike many blades that take a kerf of 1/8" or more. As a result, Shopsmith blades cut quickly and efficiently and require less horsepower than many competitive blades.

Expansion slots to reduce noise and vibration

These Shopsmith blades feature expansion slots to minimize vibration giving you a cleaner cut. They'll also reducing noise the blade produces.

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Choosing Table Saw Blades

The Trade-Off Between Rip, Crosscut and Combination Blade Types

Before making your blade selection, it's important to know that there are compromises. Although combination blades deliver excellent cuts in most situations, the best cuts are produced by job-specific blades.

Ripping's large chip size requires deep gullets that quickly remove lots of waste. With more space consumed by the gullets, ripping blades have fewer teeth. Smooth crosscuts make fine dust, so more teeth and shallower gullets produce the best results. If your projects frequently require a large volume of continuous crosscutting or ripping, it stands to reason that you'll enjoy faster cutting and smoother results by using a purpose-specific cross-cut or rip blade.

However, if most of your projects require that you frequently switch back-and-forth between crosscutting and ripping, the minimal trade-off in cut quality that comes with using a combination blade could quickly pay you back in terms of saved blade-changing time.

Enjoy Maximum Versatility - at an Attractive Savings

Specialty Sawing Package

Our specialty sawing package gives you the fastest, smoothest cuts for all of your projects -- and saves you $55.55 in the bargain ! You'll get three blades (combination, ripping, and cross-cutting) -- plus three 1-1/4" saw blade arbors to go with them. With this package, you can have all three blades pre-mounted and ready to go to work on a moment's notice !

Includes: (1) 555958 50-tooth combination blade • (1) 555959 24-tooth rip blade • (1) 555960 60-tooth cross-cut blade • (3) 1-1/4" saw arbors.

556037 Carbide-tipped Specialty Saw Blade Package
(for Mark 7 and Mark V models 505 510 and 520) ...    $309.81

556036 Carbide-tipped Specialty Saw Blade Package
(for Mark V model 500) ...    $309.81

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