Polycarbonate Push Guides

Shopsmith Polycarbonate Stock Push Guides

Made Of Rugged, See-Through Polycarbonate - Featuring a Protruding Trailing Hook To Securely Grasp and Control Stock Twin-Handled Long Guide Improved Workpice Control

New Table Saw Push Guides Provide Improved Workpiece Control While Preventing Dangerous Workpiece Lift-Ups and Kickbacks

Here are two great, inexpensive accessories that will help you guide your workpieces through rip cuts, dadoes, grooves and molding cuts with greater precision, confidence and safety.

Made of a rugged, see-through polycarbonate material, each features a protruding hook on the trailing edge that will securely grasp and control stock of any thickness down to 3/8" without snagging or slipping.

Use the short guide to make rip cuts on stock up to 13-1/4" long and as narrow as 9/32" with 1/32" of clearance between the edge of the guide and your saw blade. For even more control when making cuts on stock over 13-1/4" long, use the twin-handled long guide.

Carefully engineered with angled handles that are covered in soft, non-slip vinyl, they are ergonomically comfortable to use and can provide one or two-handed downward force on your workpieces well forward of their hook edges.

As a result, each will not only keep your fingers out of harm's way when making your cuts, they will also prevent dangerous lift-ups that can snag your blade or cutter and cause a kickback that could result in personal injury.

Clearly a step ahead of most push guides, these are the ones you want to have in your shop for optimal control and safety.

Order the short version -- or the long version - or - for the best deal, order the kit of both sizes and save $5 !

556258 Short Polycarbonate Push Guide ...    $18.59

556259 Long Polycarbonate Push Guide ...    $34.98

Order The Kit Of Both Sizes and Save $5.00 !

556260 Set of Short and Long Polycarbonate Push Guides ...    $48.55

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